A girl wearing celestial themed silver earrings

39 Best Earrings For Sensitive Ears

Inside: Best earrings for sensitive ears…. because what’s in our earrings really does matter. It’s pretty common to find yourself having a reaction to different earrings and different metals when trying out new pieces. Whether you’re new to piercings of any kind or you’ve had at least your ears pierced since you were ten, you’re […] Read more…

Girl pinching her own cheek

5 Gorgeous Upper Cheek Piercing Ideas

Inside: Upper cheek piercing ideas that are gorgeous for your next facial piece. We all love a good facial piercing. Once you start, you really don’t stop, right? Aside from the standard nose ring we all do right out of high school. They’re bold and edgy, and cheek piercings are some of the most bold, […] Read more…

A girls ear with many piercings

9 Edgy Daith And Rook Piercing Combinations

Inside: Daith and rook piercing combinations for you to be inspired by. You’re going to love these if you’re looking for something a little edgier. Daith and rook piercings are some of the cutest and edgiest ear piercings you can get. While they’re still ear piercings, they’re some of the most uncommon and most complex […] Read more…

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