Mouth Piercings

Frog Eyes Piercing

27 Frog Eyes Piercing Ideas + FAQ

Inside: 27 Frog Eyes Piercing Ideas + FAQ Thinking about taking your tongue piercing to the next level? A double tongue piercing may be right for you! You’ll find all you need to know about the frog eyes piercing below, including pain level, price, procedure details, and healing time. Double tongue piercings combine two or […] Read more…

Cute Spider Bite Piercing

47+ Cute Spider Bite Piercing Ideas

Inside: 47 Cute Spider Bite Piercing Ideas When you first think about lip piercings, the most standard probably comes to mind: Maybe it’s a hoop on the side of the mouth, or perhaps a stud decorating the middle. But one of the more unexpected iterations of this is the spider bite piercing. The spider bite is […] Read more…

Cute Tongue Web Piercing

Cute Tongue Web Piercing Ideas (Pros + Cons List)

Inside: Cute Tongue Web Piercing Ideas (Pros + Cons List). Tongue piercings, or lingual frenulum piercings, are a great form of self-expression. What many don’t know is that there are different forms of tongue piercings. One of the least common ones is a tongue web. The tongue web piercing, also known as tongue frenulum piercing, […] Read more…

Cute Smiley Piercing

67 Cute Smiley Piercing Inspiration

Inside: 67 Cute Smiley Piercing Inspiration. With a name like Smiley Piercing, what is not to love about this unique idea? Stick your tongue over the top of your front teeth, right between your gums and your lip. That’s where a smiley piercing goes. With your tongue, you can feel a thin strip of skin that […] Read more…

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