Inside: 11 cute angel bites piercings that will make you want to double pierce your upper lip.

Lip piercings are the classic go to for a bold and attention grabbing facial piercing! It’s edgy and beautiful and definitely has an aesthetic vibe. If you want to try something new, check out angel bite lip piercings.

Angel bites are a double piercing on the top lip, symmetrically framing the mouth. It’s a combination of the Madonna and the Monroe piercings. If you have one and are considering adding the other, this could be a fun addition to your piercing roster!

two women with multiple face piercings

If you want to make a bold statement, this is the way to go! You’ll love the way it will start conversations and make big style statements! Not sure you’re convinced? Check out these inspiration photos and you might be! Or commit to one side, right (Monroe) or left (Madonna), and see how you feel! Then you can always add the other one later.

Here are the answers to some of the questions you may have about the angel bite lip piercings:

How Much Does It Cost

Technically, this is two different lip piercings that we combine into a new style. This is the Madonna and the Monroe piercings together. Since this is a combination of two piercings, it’s going to be a little bit on the pricier side to get the full thing done. Each one on average costs from $30 to $75. So for angel bites, you’re looking at anywhere from $60 to $150 based on the piercer and shop location.

This doesn’t usually include the price of jewelry, so you’ll want to factor that in as well! Your piercer’s experience levels will affect how they price their

How Much Does It Hurt

Pain scales will always vary from person to person, so there’s not a set answer to how much these hurt, but since the inside of your lip is a generally sensitive area, it ranks a little bit higher on the pain scale. Some say six out of ten as an average pain measurement for these piercings.

How To Heal Them

Healing lip piercings is a little tough, not because they necessarily are difficult, but it requires a little more self control. Because it’s in an area that is frequently moved, it helps quite a bit to control how you’re moving the piercing the first couple days of healing.

To heal a lip piercing, it’s best if you avoid using straws, talk as little as possible at first, and be sure to rinse with nonalcoholic mouthwash after you eat, drink, and smoke. Keeping it clean is going to be your number one tip to healing these piercings without issue.

Clean the outside portion with saline twice a day, and again, rinse after eating and drinking.

What Does The Scar Look Like

Piercings on the surface of the face are likely to produce scars due to scar tissue and more fleshy skin. It all depends on how the piercing sits on your skin and how much stretching happens while you wear the piercing. Slight indentations will likely be left on the piercing site, but there are ways you can prevent it getting worse.

How it heals will also play a big part in the scarring, so don’t be afraid to go above and beyond while caring for it while it’s healing.

Any stretching and snagging will add to the scarring, so being careful with how it heals is major in protecting how it’s going to look after you take it out.

As the piercings heal, your skin will get used to having something in that spot, and will settle into that shape. If you wear them for a long time and the studs settle into your skin, there’s going to be a little bit of an indent left on your upper lip, but these will go away over time as your skin begins to get used to not having something in that space anymore.

If you can avoid tearing them while you have it, the scar tissue shouldn’t build up too much to a point of major scars.

two women with angel bite piercings

Angel Bites Piercings

If you’re considering these piercings, check out these inspiration photos! You might find that it’s the perfect piercing move for you. Whether you have other facial piercings or not, this will be a fun addition to whatever piercings you do have. They’re cool as the only studs on your face, or they’re cool to mix and match with other piercings. That’s the cool thing about facial piercings, you can style them and mix them up as much or as little as you want.

You can wear so many different kinds of studs, and pair it with matching hoops or other studs in other piercings.

Check out these angel bites piercings to see if this is the next piercing you want! It’s cute and edgy and not overdone.

  1. Diamond Studs
  2. With Labret
  3. With Hoops
  4. Matching All Black

two women with fang shaped jewelry on their upper lip


The cool thing about the angel bites piercings is the ability to give them any style that you please. There are some cool options like the fangs jewelry pieces that are a cool style choice if that’s your thing!
If you want the angel bites and aren’t sure if they’re very you, but fangs would make them more of a personal style statement, then check these ideas out and consider the fangs jewelry pieces for your new lip piercings.

Even if you have the piercing but are considering these for a costume addition, it would take any party outfit to the next level.

  1. Minimal
  2. Silver
  3. Combo

a woman with black studs in her upper lip

Jewelry Ideas

Okay cool, you got your angel bites or have decided to commit to them. And once the 12 week period is up and they’re all healed up, you can change them out to something more you. If you need some ideas of what that could look like, check these out.

They’re super fun and you can match them with piercings you already have or make them stand out from the rest! There are so many jewelry options, you’re going to find something that matches you.

  1. Diamonds And All
  2. All Silver
  3. Black Ball
  4. Steal The Show

Lip piercings of any style are bold, and angel bites are definitely an edgier version of the single side lip piercings that have become popular. Adding the symmetrical side if you already have either the Madonna or Monroe is a cool way to step up your piercing game.

These piercings aren’t the most common in the lip piercing game, so you’ll definitely own this side of the market, and you can make it your ow.! From plain studs to barbells to fangs, there are many ways to style them and you can always find more!

Hopefully these inspiration pictures and answers to your questions have convinced you to get these piercings if you’ve been on the fence! They’re a cool look and it will just add to your edgy, grunge, or earthy aesthetic. Whatever your vibe is, these are the perfect piercings for your next venture to the piercing shop.