Inside: Smart reasons to get a forehead piercing.

Forehead piercings are starting to go around, and I think they are too cute! While it totally sounds painful and a lot to manage, it will be well worth it in the end.

This is also referred to as the bindi or third eye piercing. It sits in the placement of where the third eye is believed to be, slightly above the eyebrows, in the center. This forehead piercing is a really cool look and has spiritual and cultural meanings to some.

In some Asian countries, the bindi represents marriage or marital status. The color of the jewelry represents if the woman is married or unmarried, as a public status symbol.

The third eye is a reference to greater spiritual vision, and opening your third eye is said to be really great for your spirit.

Two women with cool facial piercings

If you want a new piece to add to your ethereal and hippie look, this is the one for you!

How Much Does It Cost

A forehead piercing is a dermal placement in the spot of the third eye or the bindi placement. While this is a common piercing procedure, it’s not the standard piercing process. So you likely need to find a piercer that’s greatly experienced in dermal piercings to make sure it’s a smooth and accurate process.

Price ranges for piercings vary greatly based on a piercer’s experience levels. You should be paying more for someone who has been in the industry for a long time and carries a great reputation about them.

It’s important with a piercing like a dermal to be done expertly. A dermal is a piercing that uses an anchor placed under the surface of the skin to hold the jewelry in place. It can be a little invasive of a process, so going to someone you trust with doing a dermal punch on your forehead is crucial.

I never recommend settling for the cheapest piercer on the block, but especially with dermals and face piercings, I want to make sure I’m getting the best. My face is the one space where I want to deal with infections and complications the least.

The price range for this piercing is around $70 to $100, before the jewelry cost! I would check out a couple places around town, and gather reviews from friends.

How Much Does It Hurt

Reportedly, dermal piercings feel like a pinch of pressure on your skin. Dermal punches aren’t going to be comfortable for anyone, but how much it hurts is going to depend on how high your pain tolerance is.

Pain scales are so relative that it’s hard to really try to understand how much it’s going to hurt, but just know yourself and how well you handle pain.

Your face has a lot of soft skin areas and points where it could be potentially really painful to be pierced, but since your forehead is a little bit of thicker skin and not terribly sensitive, you should be okay! Eye areas and lips tend to be pretty sensitive, but not your forehead.

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Keep it clean and keep it from snagging. Making these two things your priority will help you heal the piercing as fast and as perfectly as possible.

Cleaning the piercing is easy, especially with a dermal. Using the same cleaning solution you would use for any piercing, soak a cotton swab and gently clean the area. You can’t move the jewelry top too much with a dermal, but as best you can, get it into the piercing itself.

If you clean twice a day and make sure it doesn’t get snagged on anything like clothes while you’re changing or towels after you wash your face, you should be golden.

Speaking of washing your face, keep your regular skin care out of the piercing! While it might be great for the surface of your skin, it’s not so great to add some of those chemicals to an open wound like a piercing. It might cause a bit of irritation so just be careful as you go about your usual skin care routine with a forehead piercing.

What Does The Scar Look Like

Unfortunately, facial piercings are going to leave scars. And dermals too for that matter, so double whammy on this one.

The skin on our faces tend to form around piercings especially when we leave them in for a long time. If you’re looking into these kinds of piercings and know that it’s something you really want, it’s worth the scar! But just be aware that there will be an indentation in this area.

Dermals require a small incision to remove the anchor, so this is another cause of scarring. It’s not brutal as long as there isn’t any extra tearing while wearing the piercing.

If you have a pretty bad scar left after you remove your forehead piercing, you can speak with a dermatologist to see about creams and treatments that help minimize scars.

Two women with vertical forehead piercings

Vertical Forehead Piercing

There are a couple different styles of piercing your forehead. Dermal is the number one. You could technically also do a surface, and it would look like a vertical. Two dermals could also be vertically placed to give the illusion of a surface! A surface wouldn’t look as clean as a couple dermals, so this might be your best option.

Take a look at these to see if this is more your style.

1. Tear Drops
2. Long Charms
3. Moon And Stone
4. Silver Studs

A girl with red hair and facial piercings


Dermal piercings, while invasive, leave such a clean look. It’s totally worth the process that’s required to achieve it.

As you’re looking for different options for your next piercing, if you’re thinking this might not be it, check out these beautiful examples to get inspired!

5. With Tattoos
6. Gold And Red
7. Little Stud
8. Rhinestone

Two dermal tops

Forehead Piercing Jewelry

Dermals are fun because all you have to do is unscrew the top of it and you can switch it out! There are a ton of cool dermal top options, here are a few to start visualizing yourself with this piercing.

These are some of my personal favorites.

9. Gold Flower
10. Diamond
11. Black Studs
12. Opal Pieces
13. Marquese

Forehead piercings are a beautiful accessory to have! Embellishing your already stunning factual features with a piercing is never a bad idea, and I adore the look.

This one is a high risk but high reward type of piercing. With the placement of it, the scar is something to keep in mind, especially if you’re really looking to not end up with a scar at the end of the thing. But it’s such a stunning piercing with plenty of meaning, that if you’ve wanted it for a while or if it truly means something to you, it will be worth the scar.

It’s unique and not super hot on the trend cycle, so now’s the time before it becomes an all too common piercing.
Another one of my favorite facial piercings is the Monroe! So fabulous and classy, if you’re looking at a single lip piercing, this is it!