Inside: How to look edgy with a chin piercing. It’s not as intimidating as you think.

Chin piercings sound like a lot, and there are a couple different versions of it that each entail something a little different, but nonetheless, they are a stunning piercing to add to your facial feature, however you choose to execute!

One of my favorite looks is a flawless matte lipstick under a labret lip piercing, which is part of the chin piercing. If I was bold enough to move into the mouth piercing category, I would totally do that. It’s a cute move.

There are two technically different versions of the chin piercing: the labret lip piercing and a surface chin piercing. The labret is the most common one, and even then there are two versions of the labret as well.

The bar that goes from the middle of the lip to under the lip, and the bar that goes straight through to the mouth.

Four girls with chin piercings

Let’s look at these and see if this is for you!

How Much Does It Cost

If you’re going with a surface chin piercing or a labret chin piercing, these are both pretty different types of piercings.

The surface piercing is going to take a specific piercer that is experienced in certain piercing styles since the surface chin piercing is a little more niche. Most surface piercings are in the $50 to $100 range, before jewelry.

The labret, being much a more common and straightforward piercing, is closer to the $30 to $60 range.

These prices heavily depend on a few different factors. Your geographical location affects the kinds of prices on things like piercings and tattoos. Cooler, trendier cities tend to charge more because of the popularity of things like these. This also draws a larger circle of more experienced and more cultured styles of artists and piercers to the area, ready to get to work on the city’s cool people! But more experience usually also means more money for you. But you get what you pay for, and it’s a worthy investment.

When dealing with a mouth piercing or a surface piercing, I wouldn’t cheap out on who you pick just to save a few dollars! Find the right person for you and get the best to have the best experience.

How Much Does It Hurt

Piercing your mouth is a tough spot always– think about how it feels when you bite your lip! Your mouth is soft, but you can rest easy that this isn’t on anyone’s list of most painful piercings! It’s a sensitive spot, sure, but it’s not tough to pierce.

Piercing something like your cartilage can be painful because of how tough it is, so softer is actually a little better.

The surface chin piercing is a different story! These styles of piercings are likely to leave more of a bruised feeling, being more of a surface wound than a typical straight through piercing. As it heals, you’re going to feel the sting of the normal piercing as well as a dull wound pain. Neither will be really all that painful, just different from what you’re used to!

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Whichever way you go to get your chin piercing, you’re going to need the usual saline wash for your cleaning schedule. Snag a bottle of saline solution (non-contact solution and non-nasal saline) at any drug or grocery store. Your piercer likely sells it in their shop as well.

Soak a cotton swab in the saline cleaner and gently clean the entrance and exit points of the piercing. Except for any that go into the mouth.

If you go with the labret that goes through the bottom lip, you’ll need to use a non-alcohol mouthwash to rinse the inside of your mouth to clean the inside of the piercing. This you’ll want to do three times a day or after any meals.

You’ll want to clean it twice a day to keep it clean and avoid any infections!

What Does The Scar Look Like

This is not the piercing to get if you want to avoid any scarring on your face.

The chin is a pretty fleshy part of the face and this is where scarring is most susceptible. The studs at either end or the one end sitting on the chin will create a pattern of indent on the skin. This indentation will go away over time, but the longer you’ve kept it in for, the more scarred the skin will be. The surface chin piercing will cause a linear scar along the chin as well.

Unfortunately this is the truth of a facial piercing. But if this is something you’ve really wanted, it will be well worth it!

You can talk to a dermatologist about possible different treatments to reduce scarring.

A girl with a surface chin piercing

Surface Chin Piercing

Let’s dive deeper on this surface piercing thing.

This is a barbell that has an entrance and exit point like a normal piercing, but they are on the same plane as each other. Instead of the jewelry post going in one side and out on the other side, the barbell goes just under the surface of the skin. Hence, surface chin piercing!

These are increasing in popularity right now. It’s a whole new way to see the possibility of different piercing options.

Check these out.

1. Studded
2. Double
3. Many Silver Studs

Two girls with laborers


The labret is the most common way to achieve the chin piercing look. Labret studs are pretty common for a plethora of kinds of piercings, but this is where it gets its namesake: centered right under the bottom lip.

These are a cute little dash of bling under the lip and a fun way to get the chin piercing vibe without the commitment of the surface piercing.

I love these labret piercings!

4. Marble Labret
5. Pink Stone
6. Silver Stud

Cute chin piercings

Aesthetic Chin Piercing

Labret rings are so diverse, you can find some for any aesthetic you’ve got rocking right now! Picture how cute these would be on you, and as soon as you can visualize it in your style, you’ll be sold!

7. Minimalist
8. Green Stone
9. Surface

These chin piercings are so edgy and I love them! I know you’re going to as well. If you’re considering these as your next bold venture, I cannot recommend it enough. I love that there are so many options to achieve the same look, some more intense than others. Doing something a little different from the current piercing trends makes it all even better and edgier.

Take your pick of your favorite look and go for it!

Add this chin piercing to your piercing template you already have going, whether you go more subtle or bold, this is a great addition to any facial piercings you’ve got going on already.

If you’re loving this whole mouth piercing thing, checkout some tip of the tongue piercings! These are another kind of edgy move for you to make that I think you’re going to love adding to your look.