Inside: 27 cute ear piercings that are cool and trending in 2023.

Every few years there are new piercing trends that circulate and everyone is getting them, whether it’s a new style of earrings or a whole new piercing all together. 

This year, people are getting so creative with new jewelry and new piercings, it’s going to be fun and unique, while also being on trend, no matter what new piercing you land on. Everyone’s very much on the cool piercing train, so now more than ever people are getting creative with which new piercings they get! 

Whatever you’re looking into, it’s probably trending, at least a little bit, and there are going to be dozens of cute and unique ways to style it!

If you’re focusing on your ears or maybe something wild like your face or body, there’s something new and different for you! 

Maybe you don’t know what you want to get done, so you need some inspiration. Check out these 27 cute ear piercings for 2023 (and beyond!) 

How Much Does It Cost

Obviously enough, the cost of your piercing is going to depend a lot on which one you choose. But we can look at a range of some of these trends and go from there. 

A majority of the trends happening today are creative ear piercing placements like conch, forward helix, and so on. Random and fun spots you wouldn’t think to pierce until it became trendy! 

So if you’re looking at one of these, you will literally be looking at any price point from $30 to $100, with a conch being on the lower end of the range. 

Helix piercings are a little bit tougher when it comes to placement, so they do charge at the higher end of the spectrum for those! But in general, you’re going to be paying prices based on geographical location and piercer expertise. 

If you’re in the suburbs around a big city, you’ll likely pay cheaper prices than those listed at the shops in the major city. And if you go to a piercer that’s been in the game for a long time and is really great at what they do, you might be paying a little more. 

Some of the other piercings trending right now like the rook and daith are sitting in the $30 to $80 range, with the same factors taken into consideration.

How Much Do Cute Ear Piercings Hurt?

None of these trending piercings are really at the top of the pain scale! Ones like the rook and daith start getting pretty high up there, but you’re not looking at any major pain-inducing processes here! 

How To Get Your Ears Pierced & Not Get Infected 

Ultimately, the answer will always be the same: wash your hands before you touch it, and clean it twice a day with saline solution. Keeping any piercing clean is the key to prevent it from being infected, and keeping it safe from snagging will always help it heal faster too. Wherever you end up pierced, protect it while you sleep and be mindful during the day. 

With some piercings like on the nose, it’s recommended to sleep with a bandaid over it. While that’s not super necessary with every piercing you get, especially ear piercings, there are some precautions to keep in mind while you rest! It’s easy to roll over onto the side of your head with a new piercing, so if you can do anything to prevent that, it would leave your piercing unbothered through the night, helping the healing process. 

What Does The Scar Look Like

This question is best answered on a piercing by piercing basis, but to cover the basics: anything on the ear you don’t need to worry about, unless there is a great deal of pulling and snagging. Stretching the piercing is much easier to do when it’s still fresh and new, and this is what produces the most scarring, so you’ll want to be extra careful during this period.

The best thing you can do is to go above and beyond caring for it while it’s healing to prevent any stretching that will leave a worse scar. 

Cute ear piercing trends

Cute Ear Piercing Trends

Right now, everyone’s into stacking up their ears with piercings and creatively curating the best earring gallery on their ears with beautiful or funky earrings. It’s fun to find a new spot to be pierced and then dream up all of the ways you can throw pieces together to make it a cute new addition to your bling.

If you’re a novice at ear piercings, some of these still might be missing from your roster! All of the ways you can pierce your helix and then the center of your ear? You’ve got plenty to work with!

Check some of these trendy ear piercings out and see what your next move is.

  1. Double Forward Helix
  2. Going All The Way Up
  3. Rook
  4. Daith
  5. Chain Industrial
  6. Conch
  7. Close Lobes
  8. Interesting Industrials
  9. Snakebite Studs

Ear Piercings to get in 2022

Piercings To Get

Looking at new ear piercings can be overwhelming if you’re new to the piercing game, or underwhelming if you feel like you’ve been there and done that with all of them. Embellishing your ears with new ideas and creative placement can be so fun when you go all in on an idea. If you need an idea to start with, check out some of these to inspire you! 

  1. Fourth Lobe
  2. Double Helix
  3. Double Forward Helix Hoops
  4. Conch Stud
  5. Tragus

Some of these might be right up your alley, or maybe you’ve already got them! Keep reading to see some new jewelry trends too that might just convince you that you have enough piercings– you just need to change up how you wear them! 

  1. Triple Conch Studs
  2. Conch Hoop
  3. Flat Helix
  4. Double Tragus

Jewelry for cute earrings

Cute Ear Piercings Jewelry 

Jewelry is everything when it comes to customizing your piercings the way that you want it. Sometimes when we get bored with the piercings we have, we think it’s time for new piercings, not new jewelry. While it’s always time for a new piercing, changing up your jewelry can have you falling in love with an old piercing all over again.

Try some of these shiny trends and see if it revives your love for the piercings you’ve had for a while. They deserve it. 

  1. Rook Charm Hoop
  2. Chain Earrings
  3. Chunky Jade Jewelry
  4. Classy Typical Hoops
  5. Mini Coordinating Studs
  6. Lock & Key
  7. Tragus Hoop
  8. Charmed Chains
  9. Tiny Studs

Finding your next cute piercing doesn’t have to be stressful or a hard decision! You can have them all if you’d like.

Take some of these trends and decide which one you want first and go from there. Once you start getting cute new piercings, you won’t want to stop.

The cool thing about trending piercings is that they’re not meant to cycle out like clothing trends, so when you get them, they will never go out of style. Your new bling is forever. The jewelry you wear in it may change over time, but the piercing itself won’t! 

Whether you know your next piercing move or you’re on the hunt for the best inspiration picture to show you exactly what you want, you’re in the right place.