Inside: Get your tips and tricks to hide a septum piercing so that people that don’t need to know about it, won’t.

Hiding a piercing of any kind can be a concern for any number of reasons: sports, dress codes, family preferences… anything. Some are easier to hide than others, and if it’s a fully healed piercing, you may be able to even take it out and replace it with a clear retainer so that it won’t be seen.

The septum piercing may have it the easiest with trying to hide it, as the inside of your nose is a perfect hiding place for it. If you have the horseshoe hoop you don’t need any help, you’ve got it easy! Just flip her right up in there.

But for those of us with a septum piercing that isn’t as easy to hide as the horseshoe, here are some helpful tips and tricks to figure out how to hide your septum ring from your grandparents or your soccer referees.

Woman with a silver horseshoe septum ring

Let’s get into it. I’ve answered a couple of questions to get you started to see what it will look like to hide or flip your septum: how much does it cost to hide your new bling and how much will it hurt?

How Much Does It Cost

Hiding your septum is easy if you have one of two kinds of pieces for it. If you have a clear retainer, you’re good to go. These are pretty inexpensive, you’ll find these for anywhere from $3 to $10.

If you’re looking for regular jewelry that you can wear all of the time but can also be hidden if need be, you need to look into the horseshoe ring! These are also inexpensive on the market, and can be found anywhere from $4 to $20, depending on the material you’re looking at buying.

How Much Does It Hurt

You likely shouldn’t be doing too much to a freshly pierced septum, even flipping it and trying to hide it might be too much for a new wound. But even if you’re flipping a new piercing or changing out a freshly healed septum piercing to a retainer, you shouldn’t experience any crazy pain!

Woman with septum piercing

Can You Hide Your Septum Piercing?

In short, yes! You can definitely hide your septum piercing! Depending on how long you’ve had it and what kind of jewelry you’re wearing in it, it might be easy or it might be a little tricky. But either way: yes!
Some people need to hide it for work, some need to hide it for sport, and some people I know had to hide it from their parents for a while so they didn’t know they’d even had their septum pierced in the first place!
Hopefully you’re not hiding it from your parents, but no matter why you’re here trying to hide your septum, you’re here.
Let’s dive into how you’re going to hide that nose ring!

How To Hide It

Ultimately, without taking the piercing out all together, you have two options.
As mentioned in the “how much does it cost” portion, you can use either the clear retainer or the horseshoe hoop that most people have in their septum.

The clear retainer is a little clear plastic piece that comes in some different shapes and holds the place of your piercing without being super visible. These kinds of retainers exist for other piercings too, but the septum one is pretty popular since it has to be hidden often.

The horseshoe hoop is the common type of nose ring you see on people with septum piercings! It’s a ¾ hoop with or without balls on the ends, leaving a gap that goes at the center of your nose.

You can pick these up at any body jewelry shop in store or online.

This is the quickest and most direct way to hide your piercing: simply flip the hoop up and backwards into your nose so it is hidden away! Then when you’re clocked out you can flip it back out and you’ve got your septum ring back!
People often choose to go with the horseshoe for this reason, but also assume that they can flip and hide as soon as they have the piercing, and this is a commonly asked question.

How to hide a newly pierced septum piercing

How To Hide It Newly Pierced

Now, it’s probably pretty likely you already know the answer to this: you really shouldn’t be messing with a new piercing no matter what. If it’s not healed yet, it can cause complications.

If it’s truly that crucial that you hide it straight away, you might just put a pause on the plans to get your septum pierced. But if you’re already sitting there reading this, with your septum pierced because you didn’t fully know or understand how crucial it is to have it hidden, then I’ll tell you what I know about it.

Truly, if you have the horseshoe ring, it’s possible to hide it. Now, this will likely cause complications to your healing process which is unfortunate, but nothing major. It will slow the healing down, having it yanked on and messed with, the wound will never truly get the chance to heal.

But you can do it, and you can power through the sting of pulling on a new piercing if it really is that big of a deal. But just remember the wound will remain a wound longer than whatever the healing time is that your piercer told you originally.

The other complication that might occur is the possibility of an infection. Messing with an open wound not only takes it longer to heal, but it also leaves the area more vulnerable to infection. Before flipping the hoop, wash your hands and over clean the ring and the area of your nose. You’ll want to do this in addition to the two times a day that you’re already supposed to be cleaning the piercing. Clean, clean, clean if you don’t want to risk infection!

All this said, it’s not technically recommended that you start flipping your septum as soon as you get it, but it is possible and you can make it happen if you really have to in a pinch. Sometimes those work dress codes sneak up on you, we’ve all been there!

So enjoy your septum piercing but know when it’s appropriate and when it isn’t!

Facial piercings are always tough because you know it’s going to be right front and center, and there’s not really any avoiding it from the public eye! But if you commit to it and choose to continue to do so, there might be some scenarios where you need to be a little more discreet with it.

Having a piercing you have to cover or hide is always a bummer, considering the whole point of having it is for it to be seen! But under any circumstances you need it to be tucked away temporarily, it’s not too difficult of a fix!
Whether it’s your mom, your boss, your coach, your significant other’s family…

There’s always someone who needs it to go away for a moment, and if you choose to comply, these tips should help you, whatever the circumstance, to put the septum ring away, if only for a moment. But bring it out back ASAP, don’t hide it from the rest of the world.