Inside: Upper cheek piercing ideas that are gorgeous for your next facial piece.

We all love a good facial piercing. Once you start, you really don’t stop, right? Aside from the standard nose ring we all do right out of high school.

They’re bold and edgy, and cheek piercings are some of the most bold, in my opinion. When you pierce your nose, mouth, or eyebrow, you’re using the piercing to frame something and draw attention to certain features on your face. But when you pierce your cheek, you’re simply adding something to the open area of your face. That draws attention to the piercing itself, not a specific feature like with other facial piercings.

If this is the look you’re going for, check out these upper cheek piercing ideas to figure out just how you want this piercing and how you want to style it when the time comes. Let’s dive into this super cool and edgy piercing and answer all of your questions!

Four women with upper cheek piercings

Placement And Process

There are a couple of different ways to reference or achieve an upper cheek piercing. Essentially, you can get pierced on your upper cheek like normal, or if you go up a little higher towards the eye” it can be called the “anti eyebrow” piercing. These are essentially still the same thing, but they are placed a little bit differently.

To achieve the upper cheek piercing, you have to get a dermal piercing. If you haven’t had a dermal defined, it’s a single point piercing where instead of the piercing going in one point and out the other, it has one entrance point and then is anchored underneath the surface of the skin.

This is such an iconic look that it’s worth the process and you will always love the results.

How Much Does It Cost

The price of your upper cheek piercing before the cost of jewelry is factored in will likely fall in the range of $40 to $100. There aren’t any piercings that I recommend going for the lowest price with, as it’s a direct reflection of the piercer themselves, but I do highly recommend finding someone with the greatest experience that you can for this one.

Being a dermal piercing and a face piercing so close to the eye and so visible, there are so many factors riding on not wanting this one to get messed up in any way. Not that you want any piercing messed up, but you know what I’m getting at.

The price range does vary greatly on the piercer themselves and their experience levels, but the shop’s location can play a role as well. Being closer to a big city versus the suburbs, they’re going to charge quite a bit more, since it’s a trendier crowd coming through. So while the prices may be higher, do your research on the piercer themselves to make sure they’re worth the high dollar value and they specialize in facial dermal piercings.

How Much Does It Hurt

This is shockingly said to be a pretty easy piercing.

While that’s someone else’s experience and it’s in reference to other piercings, I think they’re probably spot on.

It’s a soft, fleshy area, so normally you would think that it means that it’s going to be tender and therefore painful when pierced. While this can be true, it’s more so about how easy or difficult the area is to pierce through. Cartilage is pretty painful because it is so tough to break through, but since your cheek is not a spot filled with cartilage, it’s supposed to be pretty easy.

That being said, it will bruise and take the time to heal like a fleshy spot, not quickly like a cartilage wound. So you will feel dull pain and there will be stinging during the healing process. Be gentle with it and you’ll be okay.

Girl touching her cheek

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Healing this piercing is pretty simple, as long as it stays out of harm’s way.

Be extra mindful when washing and drying your face, when changing, and when sleeping that there’s a stud in your cheek and you need to be careful not to mess with it too much.

The cleaning process is easy.

Simply use a saline solution that you use for any of your other piercings and using a cotton swab, douse the area around it gently, twice a day. Morning and evening, and you should be good to go!

You may see some crust forming as it weeps and heals like wounds do, but those are okay to simply wipe away and clean the area up.

If you need a saline solution, you can make one at home with salt and water or you can buy a wound wash from the store or your piercer.

What Does The Scar Look Like

Scarring from facial piercings is pretty inevitable. The severity changes from case to case of course, but realistically there will be a dimple-like shape where the piercing was when it comes time to remove it.

The skin kind of learns to grow around the shape of the jewelry so then you’re left with a little concave point, especially in fleshier areas of the face.

Factors that play into this are things like how long you kept it in, was there any stretching, what kind of jewelry was it, etc. Any stretching, tearing, pulling or infection will create a deeper scar, or even a more prominent version of whatever is left. It’s all a game of chance when you wear it for so long, things are bound to happen, but protecting it as best you can will always help.

They will minimize greatly over time, but if you want to speed it up you can always visit a dermatologist and see what they might recommend to help get rid of scars.

two girls with face piercings

Upper Cheek Piercings

1. Diamond
2. Simple
3. Glam
4. Pretty
5. Girly Grunge
You always know that someone is super serious about piercings and is dedicated to the whole culture around it when they’re getting something so stereotypically edgy like a facial piercing. While every other facial piercing is just visible as the upper cheek piercing, there’s just something so cool about it that not every other face piercing has.

The upper cheek piercing, or any cheek piercing for that matter, is so cool for the right person, and if you’re here reading this whole post, I believe you are the right person to pull off this look. It isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s so cool to get done and know you did it. And with a piercing like this, you will definitely receive street cred for being so dedicated to the look.

Chin piercings are another really cool way to gain some edge, and I think you’ll love these ideas. Check them out here