Inside: Daith and rook piercing combinations for you to be inspired by. You’re going to love these if you’re looking for something a little edgier.

Daith and rook piercings are some of the cutest and edgiest ear piercings you can get. While they’re still ear piercings, they’re some of the most uncommon and most complex procedures out of all the possibilities for your ears. It’s a really cool look to add to your collection of ear piercings that I think you’re going to love.

We will look at the difference between the two later on in this post, but all you need to know right now is that if you’re looking to do something different with your piercings and you want to get a little outside of the box but keep it on the ear, the daith and rook piercing combination is a really cool look. So many people go through the basic ear ones like helix and lobe, then move to the nose, and then likely stop there.

But these tough cartilage spots definitely make you look edgier and like you’re really serious about your piercing game.

Three ears with different styles of daith and rook inner ear piercings

What’s The Difference

So what’s the difference between a daith and rook piercing? They’re so similar in location and style, that I bet if you haven’t already looked into each of them, you’re wondering what the difference is. There isn’t much of a difference in reality, except the exact placement of each. They’re both on the hard cartilage folds in your inner ear, but they’re on different exact spots.

Visuals are the only way to show you exactly what the difference is, but these are the spots to get each the daith and rook piercing.

One girl with a rook piercing and one with a daith piercing

Super similar, but I’m sure you see the difference now!

How Much Does It Cost

These piercings being so similar in procedure and style, they’re going to be similar in cost. In general, the average price of each is close to the same, but not exactly the same. The general price range for the daith piercing is $30 to $80, and the rook is $30 to $60. All of these prices are before jewelry costs.

The location of the shop and the experience of the piercer are going to change the overall cost of the piercing. If the shop is in a trendy part of town or at least a booming and growing part of town, then it’s likely going to cost a little bit more. The more trendy the shop, the pricier the piercer. This is likely due to the shop hiring more experienced piercers in order to keep the demand of the large crowds inevitably happy.

Their expertise may be in something different than what you’re asking for, but they’re still experienced and well versed in just about any piercing you could ask for. When it comes to piercings and jewelry, you really do get what you pay for, so invest in something that will make the process easier and as smooth as possible.

How Much Does It Hurt

The daith and rook piercing combinations are some of the toughest piercings on the ear, I won’t lie to you. There’s no way to really nail down how much something hurts since pain scales and pain tolerances are so different for everyone, but something that does help to gauge how much it’s going to hurt is a reference to other piercings.

These are on tough cartilage, so they generally are going to be a pretty painful piercing. However, it’s nothing that I don’t think you can sit through.

I can’t speak to the daith personally, but I do know the cartilage density is about the same as the rook. And I do personally have the rook piercing, and it’s easily my most painful piercing.

The way the piercer explained it is that there’s essentially two layers of the tough tissue and it essentially feels like two piercings in the same spot having to go through both.

The first one wasn’t too bad when I didn’t know what it was going to feel like, but the second one was pretty tough. This is where the daith is a little different, it’s only the one layer! So if you’re really concerned, definitely try the daith for this look. But I recommend holding a stress ball and you’ll be fine.

I’m kind of a baby, so if I could do it, so can you.

How To Heal The Daith And Rook Piercing Combo At Once

Healing the daith and rook piercing is the same as any other ear piercing. Using a saline solution to keep it clean will do the trick and you should have no issue with infection.

After you get the piercing, you can likely get a cleaning solution from the piercing shop, or you can run into the store and grab a basic cleaning solution from the first aid section. These are pretty easy to come by. Or, you can always make saline with salt and water at home. A good salt water solution does the trick every time.

Using whatever solution you choose and a cotton swab, clean the area well twice a day. There is usually a dull pain with the daith and rook piercings that doesn’t usually stick around with other piercings. But just be gentle with it while you clean it and it will be okay.

Stay on top of the cleaning and you’ll have nothing to worry about when it comes to infection and healing.

It does take a good long time to heal completely, so you’ll feel that dull pain for a little while, but it’s normal during this healing process.

What Does The Scar Look Like

Luckily with ear piercings, they’re pretty easy to hide even if you end up with a scar. However, while the scar tissue does totally take over to heal an open wound, even on your ear, it’s not likely to leave a visible scar. The entrance point might stay open while the hole closes up, so you may see what looks like an old piercing, but it won’t be very noticeable when on your ear.

Three women's ears with many earrings

Daith And Rook Piercing Together

1. Dainty Jewelry
2. Mismatches
3. Double Hoop

A daith piercing with many stones on a hoop

Daith Piercings

4. Cluster Hoop
5. Hoop And Stone
6. Gold Hoop

Two girls with minimalist rook piercings

Rook Piercings

7. Flower Bar
8. Minimalist Hoop
9. Stone

Personally, my rook piercing was the most painful piercing I’ve had. I wouldn’t say that it’s more painful than a tattoo, so it’s totally doable, but it’s not something I had anticipated, that’s for sure. All you need to do is be prepared for what it’s going to feel like and you’re golden.

I love putting hoops and cool jewelry in the piercing, it’s in the perfect spot to create something fun and interesting. It’s just a really cool look in addition to the studs and earrings you already have going on on your ear, you’re going to love adding something to the middle too. It just makes the whole thing feel more complete.

As you look into more options, if these are maybe too much for you, check out these galactic constellation piercing ideas. It’s on the lobe, but it’s different and unique, and gives you a lot of room to curate something fun and fresh for your ear piercings.