Inside: Everything to know about the cupids bow piercing.

There are so many names for the cupid’s bow piercing, but all of them allude to the same cool piercing spot above the upper lip. A little extra bling under the nose that isn’t a septum hoop. It’s subtle and stunning and one of my favorite lip piercings!

The jewelry and style options are endless, you’re going to love getting this one to add to the rest.

You’ve probably heard it referred to the most as the Medusa or the philtrum piercing. Medusa is the most trendy name for it while the philtrum is the most technical. So it probably depends on who you are, which one you’ve heard it referred to as.

I think the cupids bow piercing makes the best first step into facial piercings if you haven’t moved into this region yet. It’s a perfect and cute little stud to get! Let me answer all of your questions about it.

Four women with beautiful cupids bow piercings

How Much Does The Cupids Bow Piercing Cost

Being a mouth piercing, this is one that you definitely want to invest in a good piercer for. You’re generally looking at the $40 to $80 price range for it, but overall, don’t just go with the cheapest option just to go with the cheapest one.

While all piercings really require plenty of care and attention, mouth piercings are a little more prone to potential germs and infection, therefore you need to be sure that from the start everything is the best it can be! Starting with the process of the piercing itself.

Vet your shops, read reviews, and even schedule a consultation to make sure everything checks out once you get there.

Don’t take mouth piercings lightly.

The $40 to $80 range doesn’t include the jewelry prices, so you’ll want to make sure you’re accounting for that as well. The shop’s jewelry prices will vary, and the options will all be pretty standard. But the beautiful options that wait for you at the other end of the healing process will be so worth it!

How Much Does It Hurt

Asking someone how much a piercing hurt is kind of a loaded and empty question all at the same time. Every piercing hurts, even a little bit! Just like a pinch, usually, but not all of them are much more than that.

However, the pain scale after that is pretty relative and hard to say! What I can tell you is that your upper lip area is indeed filled with lots of nerves, so there will be a stinging discomfort that comes with this piercing.

It’s not much to be worried about, there are totally more painful piercings than this one. But do be prepared for a little sting and the tenderness during the healing time.

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Healing this piercing isn’t difficult, but the process is a little more involved.

You’ll need to make sure that you have saline and non-alcohol mouthwash on hand for cleaning it, twice a day. If it feels necessary to you, use the mouthwash three times a day to really make sure there’s no food or drink that gets up there and interrupts the piercing’s healing.

Use a cotton swab soaked with the saline to wash the outside portion of the piercing.

As wounds are accustomed to doing, your piercing will likely weep and leave a crust layer under the stud. If you can clear that away while cleaning, it will help keep the piercing site clean.

Don’t use your usual face washes and skincare products on the piercing as these are full of chemicals and ingredients that are likely to irritate your piercing.

What Does The Cupids Bow Piercing Scar Look Like

Facial piercings and especially those around the mouth are highly likely to leave scars behind. Fleshy parts of the body tend to conform around the piercings we place, and once removed, remember the indent of where it used to be.

The scar for this specifically will depend a lot on what kind of stud you wear. If you leave in a more cone shaped stud, it’s going to leave a deeper indentation. If you have something rounder, it might be a circular scar shape. It all depends!

Being on the cupids bow that is already indented, as well as hidden under your nose, it’s not likely to be a super prominent scar.

There are always other ways of helping a scar too! There are treatments and creams that you can look into as well as refer to a dermatologist that might be able to help recommend a product to you.

Snagging and infections can make the scar more prominent when it comes time to remove the piercing, so remember to keep the area clean and protect it from getting caught on anything as best you can!

Cute heart cupids bow piercing photo

Cupids Bow Piercing

These cupids bow piercings will totally win you over. They won me over, that’s for sure!

Looking for something new and edgy but still sweet and subtle (if you want it to be)? The cupids bow is the one for you. When it sits so lightly on the top lip, it’s a cute little pop without being too much. Check them out.

1. Goth Beauty
2. Blue Opal
3. With The Septum

Three women with medusa lip piercing

Medusa Piercings

These are more commonly referred to as the Medusa piercings, referring to the villain in Greek poetry that would turn her enemies to stone with just one look. Tell me you don’t want that super power! I have a few people I can think of that I would turn to stone on the spot.

She’s such a baddie, why not get the piercing named in her honor?

I’ve got a whole breakdown on the Medusa piercing here.

4. Gold Stud
5. Minimalist Gold
6. Triangle

A really cool girl with minimalist gold jewelry

Aesthetic Cupids Bow Piercing

The jewelry that you place in the cupids bow piercing can be as simple or as intricate and stylized as you want it to be.

Here are some different aesthetics of the cupids bow piercing jewelry options to keep in mind while you’re shopping! Or while you’re still debating if this is the right piercing for you.

Being able to picture it in your own style helps so much, so check these out.

7. Minimalist
8. Ethereal
9. Clean

I’m obsessed with details. I have all of my main piercings right now, but the next few on my list are subtle ones that just add a little dash of extra sparkle and shine! This is how the cupids bow piercing feels to me when I see it on other people– it’s like a subtly hidden little splash of fun.

Lip piercings can be a commitment to enter into if you haven’t already. But if you know this is your next move, it will always be worth it. I have my tattoos and love them, but I love the way that piercings can be changed at any time and we can do whatever we want with them that we feel that day. How fun!

Style, jewelry, and accessories are my favorite form of self expression, and I can’t be more excited about utilizing the cupids bow piercing!