Inside: Cute pill tongue piercing rings & bars to jump on this fun trend. 

Tongue piercings are not for the faint of heart, and they’re a pretty committed move. But if you’re looking for this kind of edge and this commitment to the look, then this is the piercing for you.

But what’s a cute charm that stands out from the others? What’s a cute charm that stands out from anyone else that has a tongue piercing stud? 

We’re loving the pill tongue piercing trend right now, it’s fun, it’s fresh, and it’s the moment. It’s reminiscent of the earrings of random objects we could get from Claires, but like… the adult version. 

When a silver ball stud is the classic, and it already looks so edgy, you have to make moves that are different from the rest. And the best way to do so is to go with a tongue piercing charm that isn’t the standard. When it’s not what you got pierced with, it’s all the better.  And we love to see it. 

Pierced tongue with a pill stud

How Much Does It Cost

Tongue piercings, depending on your geographical location, can cost anywhere from $30 to $90, generally speaking. It all depends on the piercing shop competition in the area. Smaller towns tend to be a little less, and bigger towns charge a bit more. After that, the tongue stud costs anywhere from $2 to $15, depending where you shop online. So this look could cost you anywhere from $32 to $105. 

How Much Does It Hurt

In general, the tongue is reported to be one of least painful piercings, so cheers to you for choosing a look that makes everyone think you have a high pain tolerance even if you don’t. Naturally, everyone’s pain levels are different. Commonly though, it is reported to feel like simply getting a shot at the doctor: not too intense, just a little prick to the skin (so they say, if you’re pain tolerance is high enough for needle pricks.)

Treating a Tongue Piercing

Treating a tongue piercing is pretty instinctive when you’ve healed other piercings before. Warm salt water, and rinsing in the morning and evening. I would add between meals in there as well, if it were me. Just to keeping the wound clean is plenty, and again, instinctive. 

What Does The Tongue Piercing Scar Look Like

It is said that the tongue heals fast. So growing your tongue piercing back in when you’re done with it won’t be a terribly lengthy process. Scars hardly form on the tongue, but it is common for an indentation to remain after repair. 

Black and white pill tongue ring

Pill Tongue Ring

The pill tongue ring is a mega cute and slightly bold fashion statement, having a pill charm as the focal point that people see when they see your tongue piercing. A pill is a very niche icon for a specific group. No matter what it stands for you, it’s a cute stud nonetheless. 

If you’re looking for something cute and colorful, if you just got your tongue pierced and need something new to change it up, here are some pill tongue piercing photos to inspire you and see if this is the stud charm for you and your tongue. 

  1. Color Color Color
  2. Black and White
  3. Neon
  4. Classic Red
  5. Pale Blue
  6. Transparent
  7. Baby Pink
  8. Crystal Clear

Black pill tongue bar

Pill Tongue Bar

Bars and studs are very similar when it comes to tongue piercings. These pill charm studs act like a bar, so you’ve got it covered with a standard pill shaped stud. It’s a cool look, and it’s unique. Even for a trend, it’s not over done, and that is rare. It’s punk but it’s cute. It’s dark but it’s precious. It’s a dichotomy of different traits of a cute piercings: edgy, but cute. 

Check out these Pill Tongue Bar inspo pictures.  

  1. Transparent Pink
  2. Punk Pack
  3. Transparent Purple
  4. Two Colored Barbell
  5. Monochromatic
  6. Bright Orange
  7. Stainless Steel
  8. Deep Red

Lime green tongue piercing

Cute Tongue Piercing

These are cute pieces to put in your face, we love a cute little charm. It diverts the classically edgy and punk piercing into something fun you want to show off. If you’re interested in a hard core face piercing but you want to make it fun and fresh, this is for you. 

The pill charm on the piercings makes all of us think about the random childhood jewelry, and of all the best friend necklaces we wore with our besties as kids. The pill split into two colors is a reminder of the different pieces we would split with our friends. 

These studs are so cute and take a little edge off of what you might be thinking could be offensive to your mother or grandmother. They still may not love it, but the adorable charm may just be the game changer you need to ease up the tension. Who doesn’t love a cute ring charm?!

  1. Neon Green
  2. UV Acrylic
  3. Metallic
  4. Halloween Costume Inspo
  5. Radioactive Green
  6. Baby Pink
  7. Assortment of Colors

The pill tongue piercing is niche, it’s cool, it’s fun to show off to the right party. So check out all of these looks to make sure it’s the right stud, bar, or ring for you and your tongue. You’ll love it when you get it though, trust me. It has an air about nostalgia and gives me shopping at Claires or Icing vibes. I would love to relive what it felt like to buy cute charmed earrings at the little stores at the mall, and be able to get away with it. If you need to transform your edgy adult tongue piercing into something sweet and showy, this is the bar for you. Replace simple with something fun, and you’ve got a whole new look in that hole in your tongue.

If you got a lot of inspiration from this, check out some other pieces about different face piercings.