Inside: The best DIY saline spray for piercings, and 9 options on the market that I recommend.

If you’ve been around here for any amount of time and read any of my other posts about the cool piercings and jewelry on the market, you know what I have to say. Use saline to clean it! Twice a day, if not more!

If there’s a solution that is important to the health and well-being of your piercing, it’s probably important to get the best one, right?

It’s such a simple solution that you can make it yourself! We’ll get into that process, but if you’re not interested in making your own and you just want to have a bottle on the shelf ready for use, I’ve got some of my favorites linked for you here as well.

Someone cleaning a piercing

You can buy these saline solutions at your grocery store, drug store, from your piercer… Here are my faves for you to stock up on!

How Much Does It Cost?

Saline is a pretty cheap investment. Lucky for us since it’s the best product to save our piercings!

You can find these saline solutions anywhere from $6 to $10. You may find higher prices if you’re looking at piercing shops specifically, they may use more of a specialty solution. But overall, this is a cheap cleaner.

If you’re making your own, all you need is water and salt, which you likely already have. If you need a salt restock, it’s best to use sea salt. You can find this for $3 to $7 as well and keep it in your pantry for future use.

Making some and having it on hand or buying a good cleaner will be cheaper in the long run than investing in several remedies for curing the “bump” you may be prone to getting on any of your piercings.

What’s The Best Cleaning Spray For Piercings?

There are tons of different brands that make and sell a cleaning solution for piercings. You can narrow it down which one you like by reading reviews or going with brands you trust like Arm and Hammer that make just about anything and everything when it comes to cleaning!

Saline is the simplest– it’s the one that I trust the most! I’m no hippie (though I totally used to be!) but when it comes to what I put in and on my body, I try to be pretty mindful. I prefer clean ingredients. Most of the brands I’m going to refer you to are pretty clean, but nothing beats homemade for me!

I do love the convenience of just having it around, though. So it’s a win-win either way.

Can I Use Nasal Spray Or Contact Solution On Piercings?

In short, NO you cannot. These solutions are made with other chemicals that are included for specific purposes, and should not be used on an open wound like a piercing.

The saline concentration is also low in these solutions in comparison to the other chemicals that will likely irritate your piercing.

You can use it in a pinch, but I wouldn’t use it more than once on your piercing. If you have a general wound wash around instead, that would be the best solution to use aside from saline! Most of the washes you buy for a piercing in store are also labeled wound wash but are saline based.

Anything thick, heavy, and moisturizing like a Neosporin or a saline nasal spray will coat the area and sit on the surface too much, preventing air flow through the area. Air circulation is necessary for a healing wound, so as much as you can avoid blocking it out, do so! Future you will thank you, and so will your piercing in the long run!

Salt and water saline spray for new piercings

Making Your Own Saline

There are several DIY options for cleaning your piercings, but saline is the easiest and probably is the most likely for you to already have everything you need. I mean, it’s just salt and water after all! The best saline spray for piercings is usually the simplest solution.

I was pretty confused the first time I set out to make some saline solution, thinking it needed to be warm when I used it. It made sense, since warm or hot water kills germs, but it only needs to be warm when you’re mixing it so the salt can dissolve. Don’t be like me and waste your time remixing it every time just to get a warm solution on your piercing… You’re welcome.

According to Healthline, you can make your own saline solution with one cup of warm water and either a quarter or an eighth of a teaspoon of salt.

Naturally, I would gravitate to using a larger amount of salt to make it feel cleaner, but it’s likely to also cause irritation if the salt content is too high.

Mix it all up while the water is warm and you’re good to go! Soak a cotton swab in this solution and gently clean that piercing!

Two saline sprays

Solutions To Buy

Sometimes I go into the grocery store and head down the cosmetic or medical sections knowing exactly what I need in my head, and from there I have no idea what I’m looking for!

I know in my brain I know what I need, but when I’m suddenly there and looking at everything on the shelf, I don’t have a clue. I see wound cleaners, but is that the same thing? Then I stand there Googling for a while.

Before you head to the store to look for something to clean your new piercing with, here are some options I like at different stores, and even on Amazon!

Try these to figure out the best saline spray for piercings for YOU.

1. H2Ocean
2. NeilMed
3. NeilMed – Wound Wash
4. Target Brand
5. Arm And Hammer Wound Wash

Three other types of saline: medicated swaps, wipes, and bump spray

Other Types

Maybe the best saline spray for piercings isn’t even a spray at all.

We’re really getting creative out here on the first aid market with different solutions and ways to sell the same old solutions we’ve always used. I have to applaud these companies for it too! They’re seeing something that would make our lives easier when dealing with a wound or a piercing, and they’re out here making great products for us.

How nice of them.

Try some of these out if you can get your hands on them. I think they’re pretty nifty ideas and something great for you to try on your new piercing!

6. Saline Wipes
7. Medicated Swabs
8. The Bump Treatment
9. Medicated Wash

Using saline and lots of it is the best way to keep your piercings clean and in check. It’s lucky for us all that it’s a cheap cleaner too.

The biggest question that goes around about piercings is how to keep it from getting infected, and often we think it’s not the simple answer. Knowing how to best keep it clean is the best way for you to avoid infection. Obviously. But it’s a question I get often!

People ask a lot as well how to prevent scarring with a piercing, especially on the face. The answer is the same for this too– while avoiding tugging on the piercing is a huge factor, keeping it from getting infected plays a role in scarring too. The more trauma the wound experiences, the more likely it is that the scar tissue will take over to recover health.

Invest in these solutions now!

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