Inside: 47 Gorgeous auricle piercing ideas to inspire you to pierce your ear again.

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to new ear piercings– and since the lobe is the only spot that gets done on both ears, when you fill up one you can always go back and do more on the other! One of the more obscure ones is the auricle. 

Essentially a continuation of the lobe, it sits in the middle of the outside edge of the ear. Usually pretty dainty earrings are used on it, but the world is your oyster when it comes to auricle piercing ideas! 

There are so many gorgeous ways to wear this piercing, whether you’ve got metal going all the way up your ear or it’s on its own! Studs, hoops, and chains are all beautiful options for you when you go shopping for the newest piece of jewelry in your ear! 

Gorgeous auricle piercing ideas

Leave it minimal or get creative, it’s a fun placement for your next piercing

How Much Does An Auricle Piercing Cost

As with any piercing, there’s a wide price range for the auricle, but it all averages about the same: the auricle piercing will probably cost you anywhere from $30-$50. 

Piercing pricing depends on the city, shop, and piercer themselves. So go for quality, but know when someone is overcharging because they can. 

Usually, jewelry is not included in this price either, so you’ll want to factor that in when you’re planning how much you’re going to spend here on an auricle piercing! 

How Much Does An Auricle Piercing Hurt

The auricle is a combination of cartilage and lobe, so the pain levels will be a combination of the two as well. Some professionals say it’s one of the more painful ear ones since the density isn’t consistent, but it’s still an ear cartilage piercing so it’s a manageable pain level. You can handle it!

How To Heal An Auricle Piercing

Again, since it is a combination area, the healing takes a little bit longer than normal to heal the different types of tissue. On average, the auricle piercing takes anywhere from six to eight months to heal completely. 

Being on the outside edge of the ear, it is vulnerable and easily snagged, bumped, or otherwise bothered and this takes it a little bit longer to heal.

Remember that even when you’re used to the piercing being there, to be careful of how you sleep on it, change clothes with it, and do your hair over it. 

What Does The Scar Look Like From An Auricle Piercing 

Ear piercings don’t often leave terribly noticeable scars, but they also don’t always close up all the way once you stop wearing earrings depending on how long you wore them. Over years they will eventually close, but it’s not a quick process to consider scarring anytime soon. 

But when you do, it’s typically very small scars, unless there is history of a tear or a lot of harmful moving and shifting during the initial healing process.  

dainty studs in an auricle piercings

Dainty Studs For Auricle Piercings

If you have a few or if you have more than a few piercings going up your ear, this is the perfect addition to whatever you got going on! Dainty studs always add and are never too much, no matter how many you have.

Minimalist styles will always be easy to keep in, even if you never change it from the original piercing jewelry. It’s classy, simple, and will always be there to add a sparkle to any outfit or earring combination. 

Check out these dainty studs for auricle piercings and see if it’s the look for you, or if you need a little more.

  1. Double Dainty Studs
  2. Tiny Stud
  3. Crescent Moon
  4. Miscellaneous
  5. Minimalist
  6. Ultra Tiny

Studs are always a win, especially the dainty minimalist studs. 

  1. Single Stud
  2. Trio
  3. Studded Bolt
  4. Diamond Line
  5. Simplicity

cute auricle piercings

Cute Auricle Piercings

The auricle piercing is nothing if not cute. It’s the perfect opportunity to add a little something fun to an ear full of hoops, studs, and chains. 

Good things come in small packages, and the cutest piercings are made for the smallest earrings. You’ll never run out of cute auricle piercing ideas. Ever. Some of these studs and hoops are so fun but too small to commit to putting them in one of your main lobe piercings, so sprinkling them in among your helix and your cartilage piercings is the best way to add a little personality to some of your jewelry combinations. 

  1. Lightning Bolt
  2. Heart
  3. Skull
  4. Studded Gecko
  5. Dangle Stud

You can go plain or you can go super fun with the auricle piercing, it’s a mix between the cartilage and the lobe so it can have the best of both worlds if you let it. 

  1. Mix and Match
  2. Ear Climber
  3. Double Minis
  4. Loaded Up
  5. Mary Jane Leaf
  6. Silver Ball
  7. Double Stud

hoops in an auricle piercing

Hoops For An Auricle Piercing

Adding minimalist hoops to a spot like this on your ear is a very eclectic vibe, and adds a little pizazz to the layers of earrings stacked on your ear. 

Dainty or chunky, it’s going to be a good look whether it’s in contrast or cohesion with the rest of your jewelry. Once you’re all healed up, definitely play with the idea of hoops in your auricle. 

  1. Matching Rook
  2. Coordinating Dangle Hoops
  3. Minimalist
  4. Classy Pieces
  5. Stony

You can never go wrong with hoops in just about any piercing, and the auricle is no different. 

  1. Mismatched
  2. Chunky Hoop
  3. Standard Hoop
  4. Double Hoops
  5. One of Many
  6. Chained

auricle piercing ideas

Auricle Piercing Ideas

Piercings are all about embellishments and bringing out your personal style through unique and different avenues. If the auricle is your next move, get some ideas of what that might look like for you as you start shopping for new earrings. 

Getting new piercings are so fun, and the ear is always the go-to. The outer edge might be the best place purely so people can see the fun additions to your jewelry collections! 

  1. Double Stud
  2. Dainty Chain
  3. Triple Auricle
  4. Crazy Constellations
  5. Snacks on Snacks
  6. Mega Tiny Studs
  7. Gold Bar

These auricle piercing ideas are so cute and versatile, it’s the best for getting something minimal but with open possibilities of how to wear it. 

  1. Triangle Diamond
  2. Barbell
  3. Leaves
  4. Chained Together
  5. Seeing Stars

The auricle piercing is simply another name for the helix piercing, but it’s a little more specific than that. It’s the perfect placement if you just want to add a little something extra to your ear line up, but want it to be seen. Too many ear piercings are hidden a little too well, but the auricle is ready to be on display! 

If you’re trying to decide what your next piercing move is, you might need to consider the auricle if I haven’t convinced you already! Dainty and pretty or fun and funky, you can express yourself so well through this piercing. 

If this is the first one you’re considering off of your lobe, it’s a good place to start! Once you see how it looks to continue the jewelry up the ear, it gets addicting. So start small (if this is your starting point) and work your way up. You’ll enjoy it, and it will be a beautiful way of expressing yourself.