Inside: The best hoop earrings to make any outfit better.

In the recent Y2K resurgence in fashion and style, hoop earrings have made an iconic comeback. And as they should, they make every fit better! I’ve collected the best hoop earrings on the market because let’s be real… they’re everywhere!

And it can be overwhelming to shop for a product as saturated as hoop earrings are.

I personally love a staple chunky gold hoop because it adds so much to even the most “blah” outfit.

White tee and jeans? Simple. With gold hoops? Cool.

Even using them to style a cute sweats set makes the outfit go from lounge to street. There’s no other accessory that can do that! Except maybe the right pair of shoes…

Let’s deep dive into the best size of hoop for you and the right color, style, and then finally, let’s actually find the right pair.

Two different styles of earrings: minimalist gold and resin

In this post I’ll break down how to find the right pair of even the best hoop earrings, because it can be a little different for everyone!

Different Styles Of Hoops

There are so many different styles of hoops it’s hard to know where to start on the best option for you! It’s essential to have the perfect staple hoop that you can wear for any occasion at all times.

Here’s a breakdown of the typical hoops you’re going to find on the market so you know what you’re looking at when you’re shopping.

Huggie – Probably the littlest hoop you can get! Super trendy right now, especially if you have multiple piercings. It’s called the huggie because it hugs the lobe pretty close and is a cute little addition.

Infinity – The infinity hoop is the type where you can’t tell where it opens to put it through the piercing. These are cute because they’re so minimalist and clean.

C Hoop – C Hoops are where you see the break in the hoop for the clasp. It can sometimes be a little larger than necessary making it a part of the design that it is an open hoop.

Clasp – This might be the hoop style that you find most common. The post that goes through the piercing closes with a typical earring clasp that close the circle, unlike the C Hoop.

Straight Post – Whether it’s attached to a C Hoop or clasp, there are several hoop styles that use a straight post. Some are curved, some continue with the shape of the hoop, some have a straight post.

What Size Hoop Earrings Should I Get?

Choosing a hoop size is totally up to your preference and your style.

The hype beasts and the baddies totally rock the large and thin hoop with anything: hoodies, tees, dresses, anything.
Others find more comfort in a standard small hoop to go with everything– something more subtle.

Either is a great option and everything in between! I like to wear medium sized hoops for daily wear, usually some that are textured or shaped like something fun, and bigger hoops for nice events.

It is possible to wear hoops that are too large for your features. Ask yourself honestly if the hoop size is overpowering on you, and if you can’t tell, ask a friend!

Best Hairstyles For Hoop Earrings

I love to plan my hairstyles and earrings together! They totally go hand in hand and we don’t let them play together enough.

For hoop earrings, a cute and trendy high pony is never a bad idea! A slicked back model bun is always hot.

With your hair all the way down it lets your hoops play peek-a-boo, but show them off! They’re adorable. My rule of thumb is if the earrings are part of the outfit, the hair goes up. If they’re just to add a little something, the hair can stay down. Depends on the outfit!

Three photos of Amazon hoops

The Best Hoop Earrings On Amazon

I love Amazon. Especially for the basics like a classic hoop earring. Amazon has so many amazing earring choices, it’s hard to narrow down a favorite and make a selection!

So I collected some of my favorites across the Amazon platform to help you figure out your best options.

Whether you know exactly what you like and you’re simply having a hard time finding it or you need a little bit of help to figure out which one is the best one for you, I got you. Let’s find these hoop earrings together!

1. Stainless Steel Staple
2. Chunky
3. Squared
4. Textured And Shape Variety
5. Diamond
6. Silver Diamond Shape
7. Chunky Huggie
8. Large With Diamonds
9. Oval

Blonde woman wearing multiple gold hoops

Gold Hoops

Gold hoops are going to be the Pinterest staple you find all over the internet in every fashion inspo picture. We love a classic gold hoop, we do.

And finding the perfect one, the most simple one that makes you feel like your outfit is complete is not always an easy task. You need to search all over the internet for all of your options before you really know what your move should be.

So here are some of my favorite gold hoops for you to check out.

10. Shrimp
11. Small And Chunky
12. Triple Hoop
13. Yellow Gold
14. Tiny
15. Flat
16. Large Thin Hoop
17. Large And Chunky
18. Knot
19. Ultra Thin
20. Square Hoop

Two girls wearing silver earrings

The Best Hoop Earrings In Silver

Silver is always a staple, even when she’s not having her moment.

I personally love mixing metals, and I love when people stick with silver as their main metal when gold has the spotlight. I so fully believe that some people are simply gold people and some are silver. So if you’re a silver loyalist and all you keep digging up is gold, I got you.

I love these silver hoops and I think you will too!

21. Big
22. Triple
23. Ruby And Silver
24. Pearl
25. Swirl
26. Textured
27. Textured
28. Small
29. Twisted

Four photos of crazy and funky hoop earrings

Funky Hoops

Okay so there are a ton of options for your standard, classic circle.
I love it.

But what I love even more is a funky hoop. Something eye-catching and that sets the tone for the rest of the outfit without having to do too much.

Shapes, textures, and colors all can change the vibe of the hoop. Mix and match them with other hoops, dangle earrings, everything. Funky hoops can be so cool and give you credit for having the coolest accessories. Which is almost cooler than having the coolest clothes.

30. Wavy Gold
31. Man In The Moon
32. Resin Huggie
33. Heart Hoop
34. Hot Pink
35. Green Chunky Hoop
36. Sage Waves
37. Chunky Hoop
38. Clouds
39. Beaded

Hoop earrings have always been a staple and you will always keep them around. I don’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t sporting hoop earrings!

Learning your favorite style of hoop for each occasion is going to keep the trend feeling fresh and exciting and it will make all of your looks elevated.

Earrings are forgotten about too much when putting outfits together, and a good everyday hoop is a perfect solution. Find your perfect hoop, use it to style your outfits even more than before, and soon it will become a practice you never forget.

When asked the question: “what can you not leave home without,” your answer is going to be “hoop earrings!”.

If you want to keep playing with the hoop theme, these cute orbital ear piercings are such a fun and unique way to curate the perfect ear full of hoops. Check it out!