Inside: 51 of the coolest triple helix piercing ideas to convince you that you need this piercing… or all three of them.

The helix piercing is one of the most common ear piercings to get after you’ve got your lobe done and you’re ready to move on to something new.

The helix technically is referring to any part of the outside of the ear that is mainly made up of cartilage. This is a great spot for more piercings, because no matter how many you have climbing up your ear, you can create a variety of looks just based on the kind of jewelry you use in each piercing. 

But once you get one helix piercing, you don’t stop at just the one. You keep filling up the ear with more. And one way to get your fill in with one session is to full send and get the triple all at once. It looks super cool as three studs in a row, or any way that you choose to style it after they heal.

Three women with triple piercings on their cartilage

If you’re looking into this option as your next piercing, I’m here to answer some questions you might have about it and give you some inspo to get you on board the triple forward helix piercing train! 

How Much Does It Cost 

The price range for a triple helix varies greatly, as not only are you taking the price point based on location and piercer into consideration, but also how each one bundles more than one piercing. Some shops have their prices listed for the helix as being anywhere from $30 to $75, which is already a wide range, but how they price for more than one piercing differs from shop to shop and piercer to piercer. 

Ultimately, they may not charge much more for a triple, or they may simply triple the helix price. So, realistically, you’re likely looking at a $50 to $200 range depending on how they run with multiple piercings per session. 

How Much Does A Triple Helix Piercing Hurt

While pain is objective and differs from person to person, comparing it to how other piercings hurt is a little more helpful way to look at it. 

The lobe being more fleshy and easier to pierce through makes it one of the simplest piercings to sit through, and others like the daith and rook are more complex making them some of the most painful. The helix is a good inbetween. It’s not as tough as the inner ear piercings, but it’s made up of cartilage making it a bit more of a process to pierce than the lobe. The area is more tender afterwards, making the triple a little more painful, as it’s already tender after the first one (and second one!) 

But overall, the concept of a helix piercing shouldn’t be feared, and would be a great way to start getting into other ear piercings! 

How To Care For It

The caring process is pretty much like the rest, it’s a good habit of cleaning it twice a day with saline solution and not touching it with unwashed hands. 

Other things to be mindful of while healing a triple helix is how you sleep and how you wear your hair. If you have longer hair, you’ll want to be careful while washing it, styling it, and fixing it during the day, if you keep the habit of putting it behind your ears. You’ll want to avoid getting shampoo in it as much as possible, and make sure your hair doesn’t get tangled up in it. 

Sleeping on one side may get a little uncomfortable after a few days, but avoiding laying on the side your piercing is on will help a ton in the long run. The chances of one of the three piercings snagging is too much of a risk! Pulling one, tearing one, and snagging one will hurt more than the actual piercing, so it will be well worth it to take the extra precautions necessary to keep it safe. 

What Does The Scar Look Like

Speaking of snagging, the only scars you’re likely to have after a helix is from snagging and tearing. Your ears, while they don’t always heal up 100% of the way after removing a piercing after wearing it for years, there isn’t usually a scar left behind.

Even if there is, you’re not going to notice it on your ear, let alone on the side of your ear like the helix. If scarring is scaring you, you’re safe with this kind of piercing.  

Two women with forward helix piercings

Triple Helix Piercings

The triple helix piercing might be the coolest piercing you can get on your ear… because it’s literally three new piercings at once! It’s such a baddie move, you’ll want to keep getting triple piercings.

I love how they look right off the bat, especially if you have the classic diamond studs, they’re a beautiful row of cute studs you’ll love even during the healing process. 

Here are some other ideas of how to wear your triple helix piercings.

  1. Variety Minimal
  2. Forward Helix
  3. Three Different Studs
  4. Gradual Size Increase
  5. Silver Ball Studs
  6. Identical Studs
  7. Simple Side Studs
  8. Diamond Studs
  9. Mini Studs
  10. Chain And Hoop Combo
  11. Black Studs
  12. In A Triangle
  13. Variety Studs

Jewelry Ideas 

If you’re having trouble visualizing these three new holes in your ear, don’t worry. I’ve got some jewelry ideas for you to check out and see if they’re the style for you!

The best part is that you don’t have to put the same thing in all of the piercings, mixing and matching is one of the coolest looks you can have in a helix! 

Check out some of these triple helix jewelry ideas.  

  1. Different Shaped Stones
  2. Alternating Colors
  3. Vintage Inspired
  4. Single Alternate
  5. Spiral
  6. Identical Stud
  7. Solid Hoop
  8. Whimsical Stones
  9. Tiny Stud
  10. Flat Studs
  11. Large Diamond And Hoops
  12. Colored Stones

Two people with spikey earrings

Triple Helix With Spikes

Edgy jewelry piercings are always the move– piercings used to be a really edgy style to have! So the trend with wearing big spikes in your triple helix isn’t shocking and feels very on brand for the piercing community.

Depending on what else you have going on on your ear, it could be something that’s still really cute and not too edgy! Take a look at these triple helix spike styling ideas and see if this is the look for you.

  1. Classic Spikes
  2. Spaced Out
  3. Black Spikes
  4. Longer Spikes
  5. Short Spike
  6. Different Sizes
  7. Colored Stone Spikes
  8. Titanium Coloring
  9. Purple Spikes
  10. Opal
  11. Industrial Combo
  12. Organized Silver Jewelry
  13. Quad

Four images of women with triple piercings on their cartilage with hoops

With Hoops

Adding hoops into the mix is always a really cute way to go whether you have multiple piercings or just one! When you have a few, adding a mix of hoops and studs is a cute way to curate the perfect set of earrings for your style.

Whether you like to wear all hoops or just mix them in, here are some hoops styles to inspire your mixing and matching endeavors.

  1. Golden Hoop Trio
  2. Hoop Stacks
  3. Silver Hoops
  4. Identical Hoops
  5. Horseshoe Hoops
  6. With Tiny Studs
  7. Trio
  8. Charmed Hoops
  9. Double The Triple
  10. Mini Hoops
  11. Stunning Combo
  12. Silver

A triple helix is a baddie version of your typical helix piercing. This might be the first one a lot of us got after we finished piercing our lobes, but if you’re new to the whole concept, there really isn’t anything to fear with a helix piercing! 

It may be pretty tender for a while, but once it’s all healed up, you’re going to love what you got! Pain is only temporary, remember. The triple helix is going to turn you into a piercing junky, if you’re not already, almost guaranteed.

Some of the style ideas have hopefully convinced you too, getting to see all of the different ways you can style the triple piercing idea. You’ll look killer in your triple helix piercing, so get rocking.