Inside: The best examples of a transverse lobe piercing for those of us who are pretty unfamiliar.

I’m on an earlobe piercing kick right now! Everything cool and trendy has to do with the ears as we come up with new and creative ways to pierce the same ears we’ve been piercing since we were kids.

If you’re looking for an edgy look, you need something new, and this one is for you.

Getting creative with ear piercings, and all piercings for that matter, is a really fun way to shake up your look if you’re starting to get bored with what you’ve got. Sure, you can always go shopping for new earrings and new jewelry, but why do that when you can just get something totally different from the start?

These transverse piercings are super fun to mess around with, and as they become more popular we’ll be finding new ways to change them up too! Including cool jewelry ideas we haven’t played around with yet.

Let’s get into these examples of a transverse lobe piercing!

A girl with only a transverse lobe piercing

What Is A Transverse Lobe Piercing?

I’m completely at a loss for words as to what the transverse lobe piercing is without simply just showing you. That’s why this post is mainly an example post versus ideas– it’s such a new concept there aren’t many ideas to show you!

All I can do is show you what it is and tell you how cool I think it is, and if it’s the right one for you, go get it! I think it’s so cool for those that haven’t done a whole lot with their ear lobes.

It essentially is a barbell that goes in the bottom of your earlobe sideways. In one side and out the other. It can go on the side of your lobe too. Anywhere that you can easily get a barbell in and out sideways. Interesting, right? Just adds a little flair to the different lobe piercings you already have.

Three unique piercings

Examples Of A Transverse Lobe Piercing

The more I look into these piercings, the more wowed I am by the different placements of them! I hardly see two of the same piercings, and I just love that about it right now.

Of course that’s part of it being a new piercing trend, there aren’t a ton of people with it to begin with. But that’s my favorite time to jump on a trend, when it’s not super… trendy.

You can really make this your own and make it something cool. You can do that with any piercing of course, and style it in your own ways, but something so new and unseen is a completely different vibe.

1. Side
2. Blue Stone
3. Inside Out
4. Bottom Of The Lobe
5. Huggie

Which one is your favorite? Some might be more practical for you than others due to what other piercings you have, but I love all of these options!

How Much Does It Cost

This is overall a pretty cheap piercing! Lobes usually are though, as they’re the most straightforward and easy to pierce.

You’re looking at a range of about $30 and $60, depending on a few different variables.
You may find some shops with a low cost for lobe piercings, but the transverse is a little different. These will mostly be on the higher end of the range, since the piercer you find for these will likely be one that’s a bit more experienced since this one is a little more rare.

Price ranges very much depend on the location of the shop and the experience of the piercer. The more experienced they are, the more they charge. And as they should! You know you’ll be getting a great product with them. It’s worth it in my opinion to know that you’ll leave with an excellently well done piercing. Especially with something like the transverse that’s a little more complicated.

The location of the shop matters too, but mainly if you live near a big city. The shops in the suburbs tend to be a little bit more evenly priced than the ones in the trendy neighborhoods of downtown. The exchange is that the more experienced artists tend to go closer to downtown for busier clientele. But if you find someone you like outside the city, and they have a good reputation, chances are their prices won’t be as gassed up as the big city shops.

How Much Does It Hurt

Lobe piercings are about as low on the pain scale that you can get!

However, the piercing pain scale is pretty obsolete… Pain is relative and is different for everyone. Not everyone is going to rate it the same pain level, so don’t pay too much mind to what anyone else says! If you’ve had your lobes pierced already, you know generally what this is going to feel like. It’s piercing through a much larger area so it might be a little more sore than your usual lobe piercing, but overall you’ll be in good shape.

A pile of silver earrings and piercing supplies

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

This too is like any other lobe piercing. Pick up some saline or piercing cleanser from the store or from your piercer (or make your own, it’s easy!) and get to cleaning.

You’ll want to clean it twice a day!

Pick up some piercing cleaner or saline solution from the store or from your piercer, or make your own. It’s easy! And snag some cotton swabs.

Soak the cotton swab in the solution and clean the area as best you can. It’s an easy spot to clean so you shouldn’t have too much trouble with it.

If you have longer hair, keeping it out of the way is also super helpful, especially if you’re working with a side version of the transverse lobe piercing. Anything you can do to keep it from being bothered the first couple days will help it heal right up!

What Does The Scar Look Like

Just like any other lobe piercing, there isn’t too much of a worry about scars. It will be so small, unnoticeable, and not to mention on your literal ear where people can’t see it anyway. You’ll be able to feel the scar tissue if you were to hold your ear lobe between two fingers, but you’re not likely to still see a major indentation or large scar left behind when you remove it.

A girl with interesting silver transverse piercing on her ear lobe.

These new piercing trends going around are getting more and more creative by the day. I’m loving seeing how the piercing community is evolving the oldest versions of piercings we’ve had for a while and doing something totally new!

They may be small changes and small piercings overall, but adding to your look can change everything. The devil is in the details, you know.

Try adding something new and different next time you’re at the salon. Get creative and even collaborate with your piercer. They might have a really cool idea for a unique placement for something like a transverse! Have fun with it– that’s what piercings are all about.

These orbital piercing ideas are another cool way to spice up your earlobes! Using a hoop that circulates through two different piercing holes, creates an illusion of a planet in orbit.