Inside: 61 cute orbital ear piercing ideas just for you!

We all love our first few piercings on our ear lobe, but once we move on to greater and more edgy piercings, we kind of leave the basics in the dust. The orbital ear piercing is the fresh new way to spice up the ear lobe and not forget about our first piercings!

This can also be done on your conch, or by putting a hoop in your conch piercing to give a similar illusion.

If you’ve already filled up your helix, pierced your tragus, and had your rook done, returning to your earlobe is a wonderful way to continue mixing it up on your ear!

The orbital is two close piercings that are connected by one hoop or bar on the earlobe. It’s similar to the concept of the industrial but the orbital is a little more dainty and petite if that’s your style!

Three women with orbital piercings

Check out these 61 cute orbital ear piercing ideas to see what it’s all about!

How Much Does It Cost

Being a lobe piercing, the orbital is going to be a decently cheap procedure! Your price is going to vary based on all the typical factors like the shop itself, geographical location (like big city or suburbs), and how experienced your piercer is.

Generally, you could pay anywhere from $30 to $100, but for the most part you’re going to be closer to the cheaper end of the scale. However, my advice is to never go after the cheapest option, simply for the cheapest option. We all want to save a couple bucks, but we don’t want to risk the health of a new piercing either.

Luckily, since this one’s on the lobe, there is not a huge risk of infection or error in the process, so you don’t have to stress about this one as much as some other piercings.

This price range also doesn’t include the jewelry price! So keep that in mind as you’re looking around for rates.

Again, being a lobe piercing, you don’t have to be as picky with the jewelry quality as you should be with, say, a lip piercing! Unless you know about a skin sensitivity to nickel, the options are endless for your jewelry shopping!

How Much Does It Hurt

If you already have your lobes pierced, you know that this isn’t a painful piercing. Unless it’s the only piercings you have so far, then you don’t know what else to compare it to.

But the soft lobe is much easier to sit through than a rook, daith, or helix, so this is a breeze!

The only thing to keep in mind if you get any sort of woozie sitting through a piercing, is that this is technically two piercings close together. So that second one is going to be a little bit more tender when you go in on it, just be aware.

Overall, you don’t have much to worry about with this piercing!

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Healing a lobe piercing is super simple– it’s the same process as almost all other piercings. Use your saline solution, soak a Q-Tip, and douse the piercings.

Don’t touch the area without washing your hands and don’t play with the jewelry! The ear lobe is the simplest healing process, so it won’t take much to just let it heal on its own as long as you keep it clean.

You can make a saline solution at home, it’s just a mixture of salt and water. Or you can buy some cleaning solution from your piercer or any store.

What Does The Scar Look Like

Ask anyone that’s had their lobes pierced for a long time– those piercings take quite a while to close up! And once they do, the hole still appears to be there, but if you’ve ever tried to put an earring through a recently closed up piercing, you know it’s definitely not there anymore! Even if it looks like it is.

Once it has fully healed up over time, you may still see and feel some scar tissue, but you don’t have to worry too much about it being a noticeable scar. The jewelry for these is usually pretty dainty, so they won’t be too big of a piercing to begin with, and they are pretty low risk of snagging and pulling that would make it any bigger.

Four women's ear lobes with Orbital Ear Piercing

Orbital Ear Piercing Ideas

Even though this piercing is so new, there are so many ways to make it personalized to you. Get inspired and find some fresh ideas here. You’re going to love these orbital piercing ideas!

1. Simple
2. Dainty
3. Matching
4. Diamond
5. Simple Bar
6. Sideways Hoop
7. Threaders
8. Opal
9. Chain Connector
10. Bar
11. Subtle

Conch piercings

Conch Orbital

The conch orbital is also getting pretty popular, so if you just search “orbital piercing” you may end up seeing this one as well.

A conch is essentially a pure cartilage piercing, so this one’s going to be a little tougher to sit through, but is only one piercing so you don’t have to worry about the second piercing coming in hot! It’s simply a standard conch piercing with a hoop that goes around the side of your ear to give that “orbital” vibe! Cuffs are also a cool and noncommittal option for these.

See for yourself!

12. Chain
13. Simple Hoop
14. Moon And Sun
15 Sparkle Cuff
16. Studded
17. Super Minimal
18. Beaded Cuff
19. Rose Gold
20. Textured Silver
21. Rope Hoop

Earring ideas

Orbital Piercing Jewelry

You may have to search a little harder for jewelry that’s made specifically for these since they’re a little more of a newer piercing on the scene, but you can use a lot of jewelry made for other piercings as well.

Here are some ideas.

22. Basic Hoop
23. Chain And Stud
24. Tiny Hoop
25. Diamond
26. Staple
27. Standard
28. Handcuff
29. Regular Sizing
30. Stunning Tear Drop
31. Switch To Studs


This is mainly a hoop kind of piercing! That’s what gives it that kind of galaxy orbit look.

32. Dual Hoop
33. Classic
34. Gold
35. Ball Hoop
36. Textured Hoop
37. Thin
38. Minimalist
39. Silver And Gold
40. Linear
41. Conch Hoop

Three ears with multiple orbital ear hoop piercings

Orbital Lobe

This has quickly become one of my favorite new trends! If this is your style, it’s completely worth the hype!

42. Mini Matches
43. Golden Hoop
44. Icon
45. Chain
46. Diamond
47. Diamond Conch
48. Studded
49. Purple Hoop
50. Tiniest Planet
51. Silver

Double Orbital Ear Piercing

Now, if you want to get crazy and get an orbital ear piercing on both of your lobes, that’s a cool look, and I love it.

Or, there are a few brave ones out there that have done double orbitals on the same ear… That’s even better.

If you’re loving this orbital idea but want something a little more out there, this is for you.

52. Double Conch
53. Industrial And Orbital
54. Dual
55. Iconic
56. Helix
57. Diamond Ring
58. Helix
59. Lobe Coverage
60. Cuff
61. Staples

The orbital is such a fun and unique style for continuing the piercings on your lobe, and giving your oldest piercings a fresh new look. If you need something fun and new, this is the move for you.

There are some non-lobe options as well, so don’t feel like you’ve been put in a box regarding placement. Get creative with it, this is your piercing after all! Ask the piercer you’re working with too what your options are and what’s possible, you never know until you ask and usually artists and piercers enjoy an opportunity to get a little creative! Make it your own!

Since this trend hasn’t totally taken over just yet, you’re going to be one of the first to be seen with an orbital, and that’s a selling point all on its own.

So now that all of your questions have been answered and you’ve seen some of your different options, call up your piercer and get ready to get that new stud.

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