Inside: 27 nose cuff inspirations and ideas for anyone wanting to elevate their nose jewelry options.

Nostril piercings are everywhere these days, for a while there it seemed like the thing to do as soon as you graduate high school: to get your first face piercing. And I’m here for it. 

Whether or not you even have any nose piercings at all, but are considering adding something to your collection with a little flair, check out these nose cuffs. Even if you hold onto it for special occasions, this would be something so cool to add to your jewelry box. Or maybe break them out for your new everyday look– there are no rules here when you can take it out and don’t have to worry about healing time and scarring! 

Maybe it totally fits your aesthetic to get a nose cuff for everyday wear. That’s a cool move.

But no matter what you’re looking into nose cuffs for, you’re going to find inspiration here. 

3 women with nose cuffs

Nose cuffs are almost all available to you without a piercing! So there’s literally no commitment to buying into this trend. 

How Much Does A Nose Cuff Cost

Nose cuffs are fake piercings so no piercing costs here! Just jewelry, so whatever your budget is there’s an option for you! 

If you shop from Shein, Etsy, Amazon, etc., you’ll find a ton of options on the cheaper side! But there are higher end options of course with Body Candy and other specialized jewelry brands. 

If you’re shopping for true metals, that’s where your price point will rise! You can get some really nice ones, but since you’re not shopping for a piece to wear in a healing piercing, you can get away with a cheaper metal if you choose to.

How To Wear This

Nose cuffs are simply cuffs that you slip onto your nose via the nostril or over the top of your nose, depending on the cuff.

The nostril type slides one side on top of your nose, and the other end slides into your nostril to cling to your nose to stay in place. 

Some even go in both nostrils to connect a chain on the top part of your nose! Jewelry makers are getting really creative with these nose cuffs, so there are a ton of options for whatever you’re looking for. 

cute nose cuff ideas and inspiration two women with wired nose cuffs

Cute Nose Cuff Ideas & Inspiration

We probably all wore ear cuffs in high school before our parents let us get extra off the lobe piercings, or before you were ready to commit! The nose cuffs are a similar concept, but deliver a completely different look from a normal nose piercing anyway. So they essentially are their own piece. 

Fake nose jewelry is a cool concept, and honestly most look like they’re a bolder style choice than an actual piercing, depending on the piercing anyway. It adds something elevated to your outfit.

You can throw it on for an event and save it for a special occasion– that’s the beauty of the no piercing jewelry pieces like cuffs! 

  1. Beaded
  2. Gold Squiggle
  3. Large Squiggle
  4. Faux Double Hoop
  5. Beaded Wave

Some of these cuffs are absolutely stunning and a necessary addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. They’re edgy and cool without doing too much.

There are subtle options as well, they’re not all bold and in your face ON your face, but some of the extravagant ones are too cool to pass up. 

  1. Letters
  2. Moon And Star
  3. Wired Full Nose Cuff
  4. Crystals

Unique Nose cuff ideas and options

Unique Nose Cuffs  

Again, there are chill options, but here are some more that are just too cool. Whatever your style is, there’s a unique nose cuff for you. The nose cuff in itself is already new and pretty uncommon, but if you want it to stand out, then really let it stand out! 

It’s a cool look that deserves to be totally front and center and add something so exciting to any look. If you’re going on a date and want to display how unique your style is and you have no fears, this is the move for you. 

If you’re going to a special event and need a new piece of jewelry to give the event outfit a little extra pizazz, nose cuffs are perfect. Check out these unique nose cuffs and get inspired for your next big moment.  

  1. Zodiac
  2. Bridge Cuff
  3. Leaves

Some of these nose cuffs can be wild, but so cool. If you’re looking to be making statements with your jewelry these are the best next purchase for you. They’ll be a conversation starter and everyone will look up to you as a style inspiration if you keep setting trends like this. 

  1. Double Cuff
  2. Bridge Chain
  3. Evil Eye
  4. Crystal Butterfly

Stun everyone with some of these unique nose cuffs! They’re fun and add flair to your Outfit Of The Day selfies! 

  1. Bridge Pearl
  2. Tall Swirl

Cuffs for any aesthetic

Nose Cuffs For Any Aesthetic

If you’re not looking for anything too crazy but just have the itch to add something to your nose without having to go too hard with a nose piercing, check out these nose cuffs. Not every piece of jewelry you wear has to be wild and crazy, it’s just kind of fun sometimes! 

But looking for something to add to your everyday looks, here is some inspo for you.

Maybe you already have a new nose piercings and want to play with the ideas of adding some more, or just want to add some different fun styles in addition to what you already have but don’t want it to be in all the time. 

Cuffs coordinate so well with every other piece of jewelry you have in, so whatever you’re adding it too will look great!

  1. Tiny Swirl
  2. Skull
  3. Black Squiggle
  4. Gold Dragon

girly cuffs

Girly Nose Cuffs 

Nose cuffs can be edgy or ethereal, or anything in between. If you’re looking for the girlier end of the spectrum, if you love your edgy piercings but want to keep the aesthetic light, these are for you! Earthy girl or glamor girl, you’ve got options! 

Pairing any of these with minimalist hoops and studs would be a stunning way to add something a little extra to your look, and would elevate your jewelry game for sure. 

Just because you’re adding more metal to your face doesn’t mean it has to look so hardcore! Keep the sweet and girly vibes with some of these nose cuffs perfect for the girly aesthetic. 

  1. Heart
  2. Butterfly
  3. Gold Leaves
  4. Crystal Butterfly
  5. Crystal Flower

Nose cuffs are the best no-commitment jewelry piece, and are still a bold enough statement to grab the attention you deserve. Any nose jewelry is hard to miss, but cuffs are an elevated version of the nostril studs, nostril hoops, and septum piercings we all know so well. You can find some that mimic the classic hoop, or even coordinate them together if you have a hoop or stud on one side and a cuff on the other! There’s truly no limits to your styling options with nose cuffs. 

It’s culturally influenced, which is always a really beautiful element to any jewelry piece, and most are made and sold by small shop owners and jewelry makers. So this is far from being overdone right now, it makes it the perfect time to jump on it and get a nose cuff for your next night out, date night, or special occasion! Be a trendsetter!