Inside: Best examples of why to get the nape piercing.

Different body piercings are booming in popularity as face and ear piercings have become increasingly more common and it becomes easier to lean towards something new and different.

Maybe you’re looking to get something that can be generally hidden really easily but shown off whenever you want to. Or are you looking for something that you don’t see too often and is totally unique?

The nape piercing might be the next one for you, and I’m going to answer all of your questions and give you 13 examples of it and show you exactly why you should get this piercing.

It’s definitely a pretty hidden jewel kind of piercing that sets the stage for being truly so edgy. This piercing doesn’t say basic or simple, a piercing at the nape of your neck is a totally bold move for anyone to take on.
If you think this is you, check it out.

Three women with piercings at the nape of their necks

How Much Does It Cost

The price of the nape piercing isn’t too high in comparison to plenty of other dermal and surface piercings we’ve been seeing lately. You’re looking at a price range of anywhere from $50 to $75, before you add in the jewelry. This is a pretty low cost for a piercing, especially a dermal.

The range of the piercing price changes based on a couple of common factors. The geographical location of the shop and the piercer themselves and the experience that they carry in the piercing world.

Location starts to matter with the pricing when you’re in a major city or near one. If you’re in the suburbs, you’re going to find a better price than in the city. I grew up in some of the Dallas suburbs, and if you wanted something cheap you stayed out in the suburbs, and if you wanted specialized you went into Dallas for it. The big and trendy cities are likely to attract bigger crowds and people that are really experienced and know their stuff when it comes to things like tattoos and piercings, so the more experienced piercers tend to go more into Dallas. You’re going to find some great artists, but with the price of the demands of the big city.

You do also get what you pay for, and piercers that have greater experience and specializations are going to charge a bit more. When you’re getting something like a dermal, I do 100% recommend finding a piercer that specializes in surface and specialty piercings like this to make sure the process and the result are as clean and easy as can be.

How Much Does A Nap Piercing Hurt

It’s hard to really put a number to the pain levels of piercings, as they’re so different for everyone. I can give you my pain scale number, but if your pain tolerance is higher or lower than mine, it’s going to be off and may not accurately represent how it feels for you.

However, we can totally discuss others’ experiences with it and how it compares to other piercings that they have and how you might be able to find a reference point.

Now, I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t have this piercing to give personal testimony, but from what I can tell, it sounds like it hurts. It’s a sensitive area and you’re getting a dermal incision… It doesn’t sound fun. However: there is a quick healing time, and it sounds like it doesn’t hurt too bad after the fact. It’s just in a soft spot to have the process done to begin with.

If you’re up for a challenge, this is likely right up your alley.

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Healing a nape piercing and protecting it from infection is pretty easy– it just takes dedication and mindfulness, especially in the first couple weeks after you get the piercing.

Do everything you can to keep it from pulling and snagging, and clean it twice a day with a saline solution.
You can buy the saline from your piercer or from your local store, or you can always make your own. It’s a simple salt and water solution. Using a cotton swab, you just have to soak it and douse the area around the piercing site to clean it. You may need to enlist a friend or your partner to help you, depending on how well you can see it or even reach it on the back of your neck.

Do try to keep your hair out of it as best you can, as it’s going to be easy to get it all tangled up in it. The oils in your hair may not be good for the piercing either.

Paying special care to the piercing is the best way to heal it well and keep it from getting infected.

What Does The Scar Look Like

Body piercings leave the most scars. The fleshier the area, the more settled the piercing can get as it dimples into the skin. While it rests on top, the skin molds around it a little bit and creates a dimple-like spot on the skin where the piercing used to be.

As you’re healing your new nape piercing, the more stretched, pulled, and snagged it gets is how the size of the scar is going to be determined. Infections can tend to cause scarring as well, as the tissue has gone into overdrive to heal an area that had already been pierced and created an open wound.

It’s natural for our bodies to take over and let the scar tissue do its job to heal us up, so scarring is always going to happen with piercings.

Dermals tend to leave pretty decent scars due to the nature of the style of the piercing, but with some scar cream and recommendations from a dermatologist, you can likely minimize the scarring.

Two girls with double nape piercings

Double Nape Piercing

1. Silver Ball
2. Crown Jewels
3. Subtle Sparkle
4. Fresh

Dermal piercings


5. Aesthetic
6. Hidden Away
7. Opal Stones
8. Trio

Three girls with surface neck piercings

Surface Piercing

9. Cute Details
10. Single
11. Flawless
Nape of the neck piercings are so cool because they’re so subtle until you decide for them not to be. It’s too fun to have something so small and flashy hidden away under your hair. As you begin to break it out and show it off, you’re going to love this piercing more than the day you got it. They’re sexy, edgy, and fun and this is totally a fun piercing to get next.

Dermals are so cool and the process to get them isn’t nearly as invasive as you think it would be. There’s nothing to be afraid of with the nape piercing, so as you move forward with your plans to get one, don’t forget that you really can pull off anything that you have a mind to! If this is your style, you’re going to love this piercing.

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