Inside: DIY earring cleaner: a guide to all the solutions you can use to clean your ears and earrings.

Okay you just got some new piercings, or you just ordered some new jewelry you’re ready to switch out your current jewelry with.

Either way, you need some cleaner! DIY earring cleaner is super easy to whip up to shine or disinfect those earrings.

Even if you’re working with brand new jewelry, it’s super important to clean and disinfect it to make sure that you’re not inviting any bacteria into your piercing, whether it’s new or old.

A pair of diamond stud earrings

There are several different ways that you can disinfect and clean earrings. For starters, you can work with a cleaning solution you buy at any store with first aid products, or you can make an at home cleaner and save yourself a trip to the store. Some of these DIY cleaners aren’t too difficult, and they get the job done! Usually they can be made with ingredients you already have around your house.

Let’s look at some of these solutions!

How Much Does It Cost

There are few different solutions you can whip up in your own kitchen! Overall, creating a DIY earring cleaner is pretty cheap.

Most of these are meant to be made up of different household ingredients, so you should likely already have most of these– you may just need to grab a couple things, if any.

On the off chance you need to restock all of the items needed, you’re looking at probably anywhere from $5 to $10.

A piercer cleaning a new piercing

Why Make Your Own

Everyone that wants to make their own earring cleaning solution probably wants to do so for different reasons.

Maybe you want to only use products on your body that are made up of clean ingredients, and making your own is the only way to be sure of it. Or maybe you just have all the parts lying around the house and it makes more sense to whip it up on your own than it does to run out to the store and buy another bottle to have sitting in a cabinet.

Whatever has brought you here to this post to find out how to make your own earring cleaning solution, you’re here now. Let’s get mixing!

Different Cleaner Purposes

There could be a couple different reasons for wanting to clean your earrings. We’ve already discussed the use of new earrings which is my main reason for a cleaning endeavor with my earrings.

But if you have any quality metal earrings you need to shine up and revive, these solutions will help you do this as well.

If you’re changing out your earrings or reviving an old pair, you’ll find one of these DIY earring cleaners to be incredibly helpful!

Soap And Water Solution

If you want to brighten and bring an old pair of earrings back to brilliant life, this might be the simplest way to do it at home! This is a mixture of water, dish soap, and ammonia. These are all household cleaning items you should have around, so this should save you some money and a trip to the store.

To make this soap and water solution that I found on Rogers and Hollands, you will need:

– One teaspoon dish soap
– One cup of water
– Half of a teaspoon of ammonia
– Soft bristle toothbrush

Once you’ve mixed it all up, go ahead and drop in your earrings that need a shine and let them soak in the solution for a few minutes. Give it five minutes and retrieve them, and then scrub them with the tooth brush.

This might be some tedious work since it’s a small piece and there are a lot of little detailed spots to reach with the toothbrush, but if you really spend the time on it that it deserves, you will love the results!

After using the brush, pat them dry with a napkin to get the big drops of water that can leave some water marks behind, and let the rest air dry.

Baking Soda And Boiling Water

Baking soda is also a pretty common ingredient that you’ll be able to find at home.

This solution is going to create more of a paste for you to scrub the jewelry with. To work with this one you will need:

– Baking soda
– Boiling water
– Soft bristle toothbrush

Using the baking soda first, cover the jewelry with the baking soda, and don’t hold back. Once it’s all covered, in a heat safe bowl or pan, pour a bit of boiling water on top of it, but only enough to turn the baking soda into a paste.

Use the paste and toothbrush to scrub the jewelry and clean it right up.

With the remaining warm water, rinse the paste off of the jewelry and pat dry with a paper towel before letting it air dry the rest of the way.

A girl cleaning her ear

Vinegar And Tea Tree Oil

Another brightening solution, this solution is a bit more holistic, using more natural ingredients to shine up those earrings. According to Jewelers Mutual, you can use witch hazel instead of vinegar if you prefer! Either way will use the tea tree oil. However, these products may not be some you just have lying around unless they are something you use often and for other purposes.

You will need:

– Half of a cup of vinegar or witch hazel
– A drop of tea tree oil
– Baking soda
– Soft bristle toothbrush

In a bowl, add in either the vinegar or witch hazel, and a single drop of tea tree oil. Put your jewelry in and allow it to sit in the solution overnight. In the morning, coat some of the baking soda on the jewelry and use it to scrub with the toothbrush.

Rinse with clean water and pat or air dry.

Cleaning Jewelry With Saline Solution

A standard cleaning solution, you’ve probably bought or made your own saline wash a dozen times. This is definitely the easiest DIY earring cleaner! And if you haven’t but plan to get more piercings, you should probably start. If you’re looking to simply disinfect some jewelry, this is the solution you need.

It’s a simple water and salt combination.
According to Healthline, you will need:

– Warm distilled water
– A quarter teaspoon of salt

The water needs to be warm so that the salt can dissolve, but it doesn’t need to be warm necessarily when used to clean up the jewelry.

Soak the jewelry in the solution or soak a cotton pad with it and scrub the jewelry down with it. No need to rinse.

Girl holding diamond earring

I think we all have some cabinets overflowing in the house or the apartment, and you don’t need to add any more bottles or cleaner to the collection. I know that’s true for my bathroom! And kitchen… and cleaning closet… So I’ll make my own cleansers if I can!

I do also prefer the idea of using generally clean products especially when it comes to cleaning solutions since they can be so harsh, whether it’s for cleaning the house or my earrings, I prefer to use non-harmful chemicals or solutions. Some of these solutions don’t even require chemicals at all! Soap is the hardest ingredient in some.

If you’re looking for some more home remedies for your piercings, check out my guide to stop your lip piercing from embedding! Hopefully if you’re experiencing this, this should help save you a visit to your piercer or your doctor.