Inside: Cute ideas for heart daith piercings for the girly girl that wants a new piercing.

Daith and rook piercings are everywhere right now, adding a little flair to the inner ear is so cute! It’s a fun way to add in another hoop or stud.  We never let empty space go to waste! Use it to your advantage. 

If you want to accessorize with more hearts specifically, we’ve got you covered. The daith was practically made to be filled with a heart hoop. It’s girly, eclectic, and fun, you can never go wrong with a heart hoop… in any part of your ear!

The daith location will just take the vibe to the next level. 

Looking for inspo to get the piercing? Or to change the jewelry to something new? Either way, here is some of the best inspo to get it going! 

cute ideas for faith piercings with hearts, four women with heart shaped hoops in their faith piercing

Whether you’re a girly girl looking for new ways to style your favorite piercings, or you’re anyone on the edgier side looking for something cutesy for balance, there’s a heart daith moment for you! 

How Much Does A Daith Piercing Cost

The daith doesn’t cost any more or less than other more standard piercings, so if you know what that range typically looks like, you already know you’re looking at anything in the $30 to $70 range approximately. 

Depending on who you see and where you go, you will find anything within that $40 difference, and as tempting as it is to go with the lower end, it will benefit you to have the assurance of quality. 

Not every low priced piercer is low quality, but do your research and make sure you find the right one for you, especially for a daith. It’s not the most common, so you want to find someone that is confident and comfortable.

How Much Does It Hurt?

A daith piercing isn’t necessarily any more intense than any other cartilage, but it is a little higher up on the pain scale. It’s a tougher area, so that will always cause a little more discomfort, and the pain does end up lingering a little longer during this healing process than most. 

There are piercings more painful than a daith, but this this likely isn’t the easiest one you will get. 

How To Heal And Care For Your Piercing

While healing, avoid touching and putting pressure on the new daith piercing, just like any other. It’s a standard healing process, so plan to clean the area two to three times a day for three to six months. 

Sea salt soaks are also great ways to help heal and relieve pain while healing. Create a sea salt water solution and soak a towel in it, then gently place on the piercing and hold in place for a bit. This will help deep clean the area. 

What Does A Daith Scar Look Like

When you get a piercing, you’re inviting a scar. Wounding your skin will always result in scar tissue coming together to repair the wound, but only if there’s extra tear on the piercing while you have it in will there be super damaging scarring.

A scar you see is not likely with a daith, so don’t even worry about it! It will be so small and so hidden there’s nothing to be concerned about when it comes to scarring. 

cute faith piercings with hearts

Cute Daith Piercings With Hearts

Placing a hoop in the daith piercing is one of my favorite jewelry/piercing combinations, but something about a heart hoop makes it so much better!  It adds personality and it’s soft… if that’s your thing, this is for you.

I hope you become inspired by these, because I have a feeling by next summer this is going to be a hot trend! So hop on it now and be a trendsetter, everyone’s going to want your heart daith piercing next year. 

  1. Standard Hoop
  2. Black Studs

The heart in the daith goes so well with everything! Whatever you’ve already got going on in your ear, you can’t go wrong with one of these. It will complete your look or get you started on a new piercing journey. 

  1. Gold Rope
  2. Flower Gems

heart hoops in a faith piercing with studs

Daith Piercing With Studded Hearts 

For the girly and glamor girls: what’s better than a heart hoop? A studded heart hoop! These are so fun, not just when they channel cute heart girl energy, but when they sparkle and shine too! If you’re looking for something a little extra, this is it! You won’t want to tone it down with these, they’re too fun to pass up! If you’re debating the daith heart hoop, check out some of these and see if you want to do something a little more extra. 

  1. Little Gems
  2. Coordinated Large Gems

If you’re already rocking super minimal jewelry, this is a fun way to elevate it all and add something extra eye-catching! If you have a lot going on already, just keep the party going! 

  1. Colored Studs
  2. Lock and Key

Two daith piercings in the shape of hearts

Heart Daith Piercings

The heart daith is so different, it will be a conversation starter for sure. Even if you’ve always had a hoop in your daith, switching to something new is always exciting, and it channels a more elevated look. Switching any piercing from its original hardware is always a good move, it looks curated and intentional. 

If you’re in the place of wanting to switch your daith to something new and need some help choosing, look no further! Here are a few cute heart daith options to win you over. 

  1. Honeybee Heart
  2. Angel Wing

Any variation of a classic hoop is fun and cute, and looks great alongside other hoops! It’s fun, and fresh, and definitely worth considering. 

  1. Purple Metal
  2. Man In The Moon

cute heart daith piercings

Cute Daith Piercings

There are so many options of ear piercings, especially on the inner ear, it’s hard to choose which one is the one you want to go for. 

The daith is a personal favorite, because adding a hoop to it looks so natural and perfect, as the hoop matches the shape of the inner ear and just looks to be a part of your ear. You will never regret adding the daith to your collection of ear piercings, it looks cute on everyone! 

Need some inspo?

  1. Minimalist Gold
  2. Funky Heart
  3. Classic Heart
  4. Crescent Moon
  5. Matching Helix

Daith piercings are coming in hot for the next few seasons, so get ahead of the trend and get that daith pierced! It looks good on everyone and there are so many ways to style it! 

The heart hoop is what sold me on the daith piercing, and all of the varieties of a heart hoop itself! It’s fun and there’s a version of it for any and every aesthetic that you could possibly choose. Just like everything else, heart hoops come in all shapes and sizes so there’s a perfect one for you. 

If you’re already set with a pierced daith, there’s nothing to lose! Try it out and see if it’s your thing. If not, no foul. But I think you’ll love the daith piercing with a heart… You won’t be disappointed.