Inside: Cute Conch Piercing Ideas + Aftercare Tips

There are so many different ear piercing styles to choose from, but of all the ear piercings trends the conch piercing is one of the most popular. Maybe it’s because of the way they delicately adorn the ear in a bold yet wearable way, or it could be the fact that they’re highly customizable—paired with a curated ear or worn as is.

Conch piercings are a type of cartilage piercings that’s named after the large spiral shape that ears take after. Within the world of conch piercings, there are options of placement (inner versus outer) and type of jewelry (stud or hoop).

But while these piercings are both Insta-worthy and gorgeous, it can also be quite intimidating—even for piercings enthusiasts.

To help ease those piercings nerves, we have laid out everything you would want to know about the conch piercing plus we’ve added some of the cutest inspiration ideas.

Check out what we love about this piercing!

Cute Conch Piercing Ideas

What is a Conch Piercing?

A conch piercing is located in the center part of the ear and because of its placement, it’s one of the most customizable ear piercings you can get. When asking for this type of piercing, bear in mind that depending on the shape of your ear, you can either get an inner or outer conch piercing. The inner is when a hole is punctured right through the middle of the ear to make way for a stud. Then there’s the outer, which allows a ring to go around the outer edge of the ear’s cartilage.

How Much is a Conch Piercing?

Depending on where you get pierced and what type of jewelry you choose, the cost of a conch piercing can vary.

Most piercings start at $30. However, the total cost could be upwards of $80 including jewelry.

Cute Conch Piercing Ideas

1. Diamond Butterfly Conch Stud

2. Single Stud with Lobe Piercing Combo

3. Stacked Hoops with Outer Conch Piercing

Conch Piercing Girls Designs

4. Inner Conch Piercing Barbell Jewelry

5. Full Ear of Piercings with Conch

Does a Conch Piercing Hurt?

It’s tough to say exactly how much piercings will hurt because we all have different pain tolerances, all piercings are painful to a degree. But because conch piercings take place on the cartilage of the ear (the part with the thicker flesh), it’s bound to be more painful than the lobe.

How Long Does a Conch Piercing Take to Heal?

Depending on the location of the piercings and the weight of the jewels, a needle conch piercing can take anywhere from 6 months to 12 months to heal fully. Be careful to avoid touching the area and changing the earrings before it’s completely healed as conch piercings can get infections.

Conch Piercing Jewelry Ideas

6. Tri Diamond Jewelry

7. Gold Tillion End Diamond Jewelry

8. Snake Wrapped Ear Jewelry

Conch Piercing Jewelry Ideas

9. Double Pearl Conch Jewelry

10. Cute Conch Piercing Stud

Conch Aftercare

Taking care of your piercing is one of the most important steps in a piercing journey. Without the proper care, you can end up with a nasty infection, rejection of your new jewelry, or even permanent damage to the pierced area. Check out a few tips and tricks for making sure your piercing is taken care

How to Clean Conch Piercing

  1. Wash your hands with antimicrobial soap and rinse them with warm water. Lather another pea-sized amount of antimicrobial soap in your hands and gently massage the lather all-around on both sides.
  2. Rinse the soap off your ear by splashing it with warm water.
  3. Pat your piercings dry with a fresh paper towel. Do not use a cloth towel, as they can hold bacteria.
  4. Make sure to keep it clean at night by changing your pillowcases frequently. You will probably need to change your pillowcase every night for the first week or two of healing.

How to Take Out Conch Piercing

It’s important not to mess with your new piercing until it’s totally healed in six to nine months. The first time you go to change the jewelry, consider returning to the professional who did your piercing in the first place. This will ensure the piercing is fully healed and ready to be swapped and prevent further damage. Plus, your piercer can give you tips to use at home based on what style of earrings you’re wearing.

Cute Ear Piercing Inspiration

11. Double Orbital Conch Piercing

12. Fake Conch Cuff

13. Triple Conch Stud Piercing

Cute Ear Jewelry

14. Opal and Diamond Triangle Jewelry

15. Gold Bumblebee Stud

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