Nose Piercings

Bridge Piercing

17+ Bridge Piercing Nose Ideas with Jewelry

Inside: 17 Bridge Piercing Nose Ideas Tips & Pretty Jewelry. Bridge piercings can be surprisingly subtle despite their unusual placement, but they’re always eye-catching. Nose piercings are notoriously edgy, but the standard-issue nose ring or stud has become more and more popular these days. There’s at least one style of nose piercing that’s still harder […] Read more…

How to Hide a Nose Piercing

How to Hide a Nose Piercing

Inside: How to Hide a Nose Piercing. So, you want a nose piercing, but you’re not allowed? There are ways you can downplay your piercing and make it less visible when your parents are around. The same methods work for people trying to hide a piercing at work. Check out our favorite ways on how to hide […] Read more…

Rhino Piercing

What is a Rhino Piercing + Unique Nose Ideas

Inside: What is a Rhino Piercing + Unique Ideas. Many people aren’t aware of rhino piercings — if that includes you, don’t worry, because you’re not alone! It’s pretty uncommon in the West, and until very recently was largely seen among people in some African and South American cultures. However, it might be on the […] Read more…

Cleaning Your Nose Piercing

How to Care for a Nose Piercing

Inside: How to Care for a Nose Piercing? A new nose piercing requires frequent cleanings. Like any new piercing, regular cleanings help keep debris out of the piercing while also preventing infection. However, the aftercare doesn’t stop there. You’ll need to regularly ensure your nose piercing and jewelry are both in good shape to prevent any […] Read more…

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