Inside: Reasons to consider the canine bites piercing as your next piercing.

Canine bites are a pretty rare piercing, but oh SO cool to come across. Anyone with canines is truly hardcore, they’re ready to go all in on an idea.

Being a combo of the angel bites and the snake bites piercings— no decision needed to be made. Can’t decide which one you like better?

Get all of them! Easy.

two girls with several mouth piercings and cheek piercings

You can mix and match combinations of studs and hoops, and get creative with all of the jewelry you can wear! Piercings like this that aren’t just a cool hole in your face but truly allow for creative styling and freedom are truly a good piercing to invest in.

All of that said, this can be a lot to commit to! This is ultimately four piercings surrounding your mouth to heal and take care of. You probably have a lot of questions and maybe a few hesitations, but if you’re ready to take a deep dive, here we go.

How Much Does It Cost

Completely excluding jewelry, you’ll likely pay anywhere from $30 to $70 for the canine. In no circumstance do I recommend the cheapest option for a piercing, because the piercer’s experience is a huge factor in price. But especially with the canines, you need to have someone proceed that you can trust with their symmetry. Seriously, that might be your biggest concern with this one! Study up on your options and find one that is maybe experienced in the canines or at least does a lot of angel bites and snake bites!

Don’t go cheap on jewelry either– invest in some high quality metals! With all four of these piercings literally being in your mouth, you have a lot to protect them from already without adding in cheap metal.

Titanium will always be the best jewelry option, as it’s the most pure metal. Go ahead and plan to invest in titanium jewelry for these.

In other words, just go ahead and plan to invest in general! With a result as stunning as canine bites, put your best efforts into it just to make sure the healing process goes smoothly.

How Much Do The Canine Bites Piercing Hurt

The pain for canine bites really depends on your body and your pain tolerance. Overall, lip piercings aren’t too painful, they’re pretty fleshy instead of being mostly cartilage, so they’re not too difficult to sit through! But when you’re getting four piercings in one sitting… that can be where the pain comes into play. Maybe you’re pretty good with pain in general and it doesn’t bother you, but after a few needles, you may start to feel a little queasy.

When you begin the conversation with a piercer, ask their advice about one versus two sessions to complete the canine bites piercing. If they’ve done it plenty of times, they probably know a thing or two about how the process goes.

How To Heal And Not Get Infected

Mouth piercings, though they’re pretty low on the pain scale, are pretty high maintenance. Purely because of how many foreign substances pass through your mouth daily! You need to be careful and take care to rinse and clean it multiple times daily, definitely more than other piercings need.

Using a saline solution from the store, your piercer, or a DIY version (it’s simply a combination of salt and water!) soak the outside of the piercing. Avoid touching the jewelry with your hands during this process. Though they should be washed anyway.

For the inside of the piercing, you’ll want to rinse your mouth with mouthwash. At least after every meal. You don’t necessarily want to over do it either, three to four rinses a day should do the trick. The goal is to keep food and drink out of the wound as much as possible during the healing process.

Chemicals and solutions that aren’t meant to disinfect aren’t great for the piercing site either. So when doing your skincare routine in the mornings and evenings, be careful to avoid the area around your mouth, including above the top piercings so as not to roll down your face into the piercing.

Being a little extra concerned about your piercings will pay off in the long run– an infection in your mouth could lead to a doctor visit and the removal of your piercings all together.

It will help prevent scarring down the road as well, and not to mention, who wants to deal with an infection on their face, especially when they’re trying to show off a new piercing?! Be a little crazy and pay extra attention.
Future you will thank you.

What Does The Scar Look Like

Scarring is pretty much a guarantee with a facial piercing. Less so on the nose, but on cheeks, lips, and eyebrows, you will see at least a little bit of a scar once removed.

The reason being, since it’s a fleshy part of the face, the scar tissue is going to take over when punctured, as it’s supposed to do. So naturally, once removed there will be scarring that occurs from repairing an open wound.

Using scar creams and taking extra care of the piercing during the initial healing process will help limit the severity of the scarring when the time comes to remove your canine bites piercing.

Talking and eating are obviously unavoidable, but minimizing the movement as much as possible before the piercings heal will help avoid stretching the wounds.

Three women with canine bites piercings around their mouth

Canine Bites Aesthetic

The aesthetic of canine bites is definitely hard core. They are considered so beautiful among the piercing community, you’re going to stand out for sure! The cool thing about edgy piercings, is that you can still make them dainty or girly if you want. Just because it’s an edgy look, doesn’t mean it has to be all hardcore all the time.

Check out these different aesthetic ways to wear your canine bites!

1. Spikes
2. Goth Princess
3. Minimalist
4. Rocker
5. Classic Edgy
6. Basic Studs
8. Statement Hoops
9. Everything
10. Scene Skater
11. Scene
12. Add A Butterfly
13. Opal Horseshoe

Two women with cute snake bite piercing jewelry

Canine Bites Piercing Jewelry Ideas

Your jewelry says a lot about you! Especially if you want to branch out a little bit from the standard silver studs or black hoops, you’ve got a lot of options.

Here are some jewelry ideas for your canine bites piercing!

14. Stud And Hoop
15. Black Studs
16. Black Jewelry
18. Huggie Hoops For Lower
19. Simple Studs
20. Spikes On Top
21. Horseshoe Hoops
22. Rhinestone Hoop
23. Girly
24. Cute
25. Spiked Horseshoe
26. Silver Stud Galore

Women with several lip piercings

Mouth Piercings

Mouth piercings can be a lot to manage but when you see how cool they look, you’ll be convinced they’re the right choice for you! Dive into these mouth piercing inspirations and hopefully you feel like this is the move for you!

27. All At Once
28. Septum Match
29. All Tatted
30. Simple
31. Simple Studs
32. Vertical Labret
33. False Canines
34. Little Spike Studs
35. Intense
36. Simple And Stunning
37. Classic Canines
38. Symmetry
39.Including The Smiley
40. Subtle Studs
41.With A Cheek Piercing

Canine bites are not for the faint of heart! These are in your face (no pun intended) and bold, but so cool and so beautiful. They’re nothing new, but they are rare so be ready to make heads turn and get asked a lot of questions about them.

Enjoy your cool new piercings and let them speak for the style themselves! You’re going to rock your new canines.

Don’t forget that as they heal you can get creative with your jewelry options and truly express yourself more than most facial piercings.

The combinations and options are endless, so don’t be afraid to try different styles when you can!