Inside: 21 of the best cubic zirconia earrings to fake everyone out. 

There’s a lot of buzz right now regarding different types of stones used in jewelry that look similar to but are not diamonds. Cubic zirconia is one of those— people are using them for engagement rings, faux diamond earrings, tennis bracelets, anything you can think of that usually incorporates a large diamond and can run up in price quickly.

Cubic zirconia might be the most common, and it sure is stunning! If you’re wanting a specific size ring or pair of earrings that is simply breaking the bank, switching to cubic zirconia is going to help you out a little bit.

You can get a larger “diamond” for much cheaper, and only people that really know what diamonds look like can tell the difference.

Three pairs of cubic zirconia earrings

If you’re in the market and the type of stone doesn’t matter too much to you, check out the best cubic zirconia earrings I could find!

Sparkle away!

What Is Cubic Zirconia Anyway?

Cubic zirconia is a manufactured version of a diamond, made up of zirconium in a factory. Often when mining diamonds, there are flaws in the rock making it less valuable.

While a standard cubic zirconia is already less valuable, each one is perfect. And that’s invaluable to those creating the products.

While they are diamond alternatives and are similar to diamonds, they are not technically considered “synthetic” diamonds.

Diamonds Versus Cubic Zirconia

The biggest difference between a diamond and a cubic zirconia is the colorless effect of the latter.

Diamonds are known for their glimmery quality when the light hits just right. The rainbows that are cast when this happens is the biggest giveaway. Diamonds show color, and cubic zirconia does not.

If you’re not looking too closely and not inspecting the light that shines, it’s likely that you may not know the difference! This is perfect for those needing something with a little glimmer but don’t need to drop money on diamonds right now.

How Much Does It Cost

The big selling point for cubic zirconia is the price point! It’s the cheaper way to get that diamond look instead of breaking the bank.

We all want the diamond look. And no one wants to break the bank.

Go ahead and put these on all of your wish lists because the cubic zirconia earrings can still be pricey, but definitely acceptable for a potential gift!

You’re looking at anywhere from $20 to $1000 with a cubic zirconia diamond.

The difference usually varies within the qualities of metal, quality of the stone, the cut of the stone, and of course the brand name on the label.

A high quality cubic zirconia still isn’t up to par with diamond quality, but lower quality stones have a slightly cloudy effect.

A full one carat diamond generally costs a little under $2000, while a one carat lower end cubic zirconia costs about $20. If having the “real deal” isn’t too big of a deal to you and you just want those sparkly earrings, this is an amazing option for you!

A pair of stud earrings, and a woman wearing studs


A classic.

Your stunning classic diamond stud will be a piece you want to always have in your jewelry arsenal.

You can’t go wrong on any occasion with a sparkly “diamond” of sorts! Weddings, birthday parties, anniversary dinners, prom… You’ll get a ton of use out of these different cubic zirconia earrings!

I tend to be stuck trying to decide between something simple that I can wear often and a statement piece. I need to invest in some basics, so here are some cubic zirconia studs I have my eye on that I think you’ll love!

1. Circle Studs
2. Pear Shaped
3. Classic Shaped
4. The Basics

Four pairs of gold earrings with cubic zirconia


Gold jewelry is all the rage these past few years! Whether it’s brass basses painted to look like gold or actual gold jewelry, it’s everywhere.

If you’re a gold gal like I am, you need some gold cubic zirconias to complete the collection.

I tend to always see diamonds on silver metals, so looking for gold pieces is a little harder to visualize.

If you can relate, here’s some gold cubic zirconia inspiration to help you out while you’re shopping around.

5. Post Studs
6. Statements
7. Halo
8. Cross Hoops

A pearl earrings

Pearl And Cubic Zirconia

Like gold, pearls are super trendy right now! The way that preppy has made a full comeback in the classiest of ways has brought back some of the cutest pieces into our closets and our jewelry boxes.

Mixing metals and mixing stones can be done either so well or so wrong, and it’s kind of a toss up on a fine line of whether we’ve got it right.

I always think I do, then I second guess myself and redo the whole thing.

So here are some examples of when pearls really worked with cubic zirconia. I know I personally always need a reference point when pairing things, so these are some of my favorite examples to follow.

9. Little Details
10. Vines
11. Star Drop Earrings
12. Oval Stones

Sterling silver dangle earrings and hoop earrings

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a cult favorite. Even if it’s not the main fashion trend for jewelry and metals, it’s a staple we will always have in our bling rotation.

It’s a great metal for earrings because it’s hypoallergenic and it’s a pure metal, meaning no tarnishing and no irritation.

Cubic zirconia looks stunning on silver metals, so it’s always a win. Even your standard stud will look shiny and new all the time on sterling silver!

13. Huggie Hoops
14. Studs
15. Art Deco
16. Initials
17. Triangle

Three pairs of dangle earrings with cubic zirconia

Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings, statement earrings, party earrings.

You always need a pair of glitzy dangle earrings for that impromptu party or that wedding guest dress you just need to dress up a little.

These are such fun examples of pretty earrings that can dress up any outfit. You always need them on hand. If you’re not looking to invest, getting them in the cubic zirconia variety is the perfect solution to finding the right pair for you.

Have fun with your earring options and create fun and unique pairings with these different styles of dangle earrings!

18. Heart Shaped
19. Drops
20. Tear Drops
21. Geometric

I love a good boujee on a budget option when it comes to jewelry and clothing. Thrifting high end clothes and wearing cubic zirconia jewelry is always a win and who honestly knows the difference?

No need to break the bank if you don’t have to. Whether you’re shopping for gifts, yourself, or adding something to your gift wish list to help out the people in your life, these are some great options!

Not to mention you don’t always want to be wearing real diamonds everywhere you go. Sometimes you’re going to a party or on a vacation where it would be nice to have some diamond earrings, but the risk of losing a real diamond is too high. Sporting some cubic zirconia is a perfect option instead.

If you’re looking for other high end quality jewelry, I highly recommend looking into some titanium! I’ve written up a full guide here.